How to raise hemoglobin to the one-year-old child

How to raise hemoglobin to the one-year-old child

Hemoglobin lowering of the level, as well as any pathological state, demands prevention, and at emergence - immediate treatment. Especially significant damage is caused by this state to a children's organism - the child feels tired and exhausted.


1. Anemia is called the lowered hemoglobin level per blood unit of volume. Recently this disease began to occur in children even more often than at adults. It is connected with the anatomic immaturity of bodies of blood formation resulting from negative influence of a number of factors of the environment. The anemia can be divided into several versions among which so-called scarce anemia most often occurs. Slightly less often the hemolytic anemia caused by destruction of erythrocytes, an anemia after strong blood loss, hereditary anemia, etc. meets.

2. The lowered hemoglobin is followed by the specific resistant symptoms allowing to distinguish in time it. The child becomes sluggish, he breaks appetite, or, on the contrary, it is pulled there is everything, including, chalk, wax, paper. The integument at such child becomes pale and cold, and hair - fragile. But even if there will be no of these symptoms, anemia will be detected at the first blood test.

3. The so-called scarce anemia can arise owing to a lack of iron (iron deficiency anemia), or at the shortage of any vitamins. Also scarce anemia can be secondary. In this case not improper feeding, but malfunction of absorption of useful substances in intestines becomes a cause of illness. If the reason of the lowered hemoglobin - deficiency of iron or vitamins, it is necessary to turn on the child's food. At confirmation of the diagnosis it is necessary to increase consumption by the child of proteins. They can come to an organism, in particular, in the form of meat or eggs. However, do not forget that even at an anemia the consumption rate of animal protein should not be exceeded. It is also necessary to give to the child dairy apple puree as apples contain a lot of iron. At a vitamin deficiency usually appoint folic acid as the anemia at children often happens because of its shortcoming. Besides, the child can accept the complex consisting of other vitamins. To increase the hemoglobin level which went down owing to a vitamin deficiency it is necessary to give to the child such useful plants, fruit and berries as a rhubarb, a dogrose, bananas. Kissels and rhubarb compotes fill shortage of vitamin C and some minerals. Also the rhubarb contains apple acid. From one to two years are the best of all to give to children kissels and rhubarb compotes together with a dogrose. In addition, it is necessary to add bananas to a diet.

4. It is important to know that sometimes children have the reason of the lowered hemoglobin too monotonous food. Therefore it is necessary to include all products about which it is told that they need to be used in the first year of life in a diet of the child. There are also other forms of anemia, for example, anemia of Fankoni which is congenital. At this form of an anemia along with hemoglobin lowering of the level the child can lag behind in growth and development. Such anemia is shown in the first years of life. However, as well as at an ordinary anemia, all the same it is necessary to diversify food and to use vitamin complexes.

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