How to reel up a baby sling

How to reel up a baby sling

The myth that it is difficult to put on baby slings, belongs usually to baby slings scarfs. Mothers doubt how the piece of long fabric can hold the child. Actually it is simple to reel up a scarf baby sling, it is necessary to follow instructions only accurately.


1. Pick up a baby sling, straighten it that it was not formed folds. Put it in half, note the middle. Now apply the center of a baby sling to your stomach.

2. Then impose baby sling cloths cross-wise on a back. Smooth the parties of a baby sling in order to avoid twisting.

3. Throw the ends of a baby sling because of a back through shoulders forward. Straighten the pocket formed at you on a stomach. Again track folds - they should not be, otherwise to the baby will be inconveniently.

4. Take the child facing yourself, put him on a shoulder and put the kid on a plait which is located at you on a stomach. The baby sling has to pass under knees of the kid.

5. Take edge of the pocket formed by a baby sling and extend it up approximately to a nape of the baby. The main plait of a pocket has to remain on the place, approximately under the child's knees.

6. Then, holding the kid one hand, begin to tighten the second hand a pocket so that to record the child on a stomach, but not too hardly.

7. After that pull side parts of a baby sling, without forgetting to support the kid. In the beginning tighten edges of a baby sling from within, then straighten the edges located outside.

8. Further extend both ends of a baby sling in round plaits, place them along sides of the kid. Having a little straightened plaits under a bottom of the kid, cross them.

9. After that carry out the straightened parts of a baby sling under legs of the kid (legs at the same time have to remain free outside) and place the ends for a back.

10. It was necessary only to tie strong the ends of a baby sling behind the back. In case from a baby sling there were long ends, it is possible to knot in front on a stomach. Only you watch that it did not give an inconvenience to the kid.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team