How to restore to the child immunity

How to restore to the child immunity

In modern time many children of preschool age have weak immunity. Only regular performance of a complex of actions which are directed to recovery of immunity is capable to make the kid healthy and strong. This process rather long therefore it is necessary to have patience and to start.


1. First of all take away often ill child on consultation to the doctor who will be able to define the reason of the lowered immunity. For this purpose it will direct you to necessary analyses and survey at narrow experts: otolaryngologist, stomatologist, gastroenterologist and immunologist.

2. Then you need to normalize work of intestines of the child. The healthy kid at intestines has immunocompetent cages performing immunogene function. That intestines at the child normally functioned, enter fermented milk products, the food rich with cellulose into his food allowance. Besides, provide to the kid consumption of a large amount of liquid. In the presence of dysbacteriosis at the kid the doctor will appoint to you intake of the corresponding medicines which are capable to fill existence of missing bacteria. Broth of oats which you will be able to prepare also in house conditions has positive impact on work of intestines. For this purpose take 100 grams of the crude oats, wash out, fill in for 10-12 hours with 1.5 liters of purified water then boil thoroughly on slow fire 1.5 hours, cool and filter. Children from 6 months to 1 year need to give on 1 teaspoon of this broth, from 1 to 2 years – on 1 tablespoon, from 2 to 5 years – on the 2nd tablespoons, after 5 years – on a half of a glass in day. A period of storage of this broth – 1 knocks in the fridge.

3. For recovery of immunity of the child surely reconsider a diet of its food. Include in it products which contain a large amount of antioxidants (ascorbic acid, vitamin E, a beta – carotene, selenium, copper and some other). It can be porridges, vegetables, fruit, nuts, vegetable oils.

4. Do not forget also that that the kid grew up healthy, physical exercises are necessary for him. Therefore since the birth systematically do to the child massage and gymnastics. When he grows up, accustom him to do exercises. Besides, more time try to spend with the kid in the fresh air. Perfectly swimming and outdoor games increase immunity.

5. Recovery of immunity is promoted also by intake of herbal remedies. For example, tinctures of an ekhinatsea purple, eleuterococcus, rhodiola pink, magnolia vine Chinese and so on. To decide on medicine you will be able to be helped by the doctor.

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