How to revitalize the child

How to revitalize the child

You should not wait for any favorable time to start classes. It is good if procedures are performed by all family members. It will not give anybody the chance "to shirk" day or two. If it is several children, it is necessary to print the schedule of hardening (douches, rubdowns, air bathtubs) for each child. Not just leave these tables and figures on a table, and attach on doors in the bathroom or in the nursery.

It is required to you

  • - tables of hardening for certain age;
  • - sports equipment.


1. Define an accurate day regimen. Try to observe it. Do not allow children to sit up behind the TV or the computer late. It is good to get up in the morning at the same time. If the child does not wish to sleep in the afternoon, it is possible to arrange quiet pastime during "quiet time" (reading the book or drawing).

2. Make for kids of the menu with enough proteinaceous food, vegetable and fruit dishes. Try not to be late with a lunch or a dinner. Whenever possible limit amount of fancy bread and sweets in a diet. You do not give to drink to kids during a heat sweet sparkling water. Cook per day in the winter fresh compote or fruit drink, and in the summer – cold unsweetened tea.

3. Regardless of season, arrange more walks in the fresh air. Outdoor games, sports meets, campaigns with tents and picnics normalize a dream and increase appetite.

4. Temper children (water, air, the sun). Choose the complex of actions suitable the child on age and specific features. Accurately follow the made plan. Do not give up occupation and do not take a break. Remember that these actions have to become a habit. Try to make them not a duty, and cheerful entertainment. Let the child look forward to douches or air bathtubs. Be careful with the sun. It is better to begin solar procedures for little children in the rarefied shadow from trees.

5. Do massage. It considerably strengthens health of kids. Muscles become strong, stress is reduced, the dream is normalized, recovery processes of an organism accelerate. If necessary parents can master the simplest courses of massage.

6. Plan summer holiday by all family at the sea or in the village. Clean air, lack of city noise, fresh products – all this well revitalizes children. If the child has chronic diseases, try to conduct with him a course of physiotherapy or to receive medical treatment in the sanatorium specializing in such diseases.

7. Do not overheat absolutely small children, too strongly wrapping up them. You watch that the clothes of the child corresponded to weather. On sunny hot days select dresses and headdresses from natural light fabrics. Try to dress children in warm, but light clothes in the winter. It will not limit the movement and a game of kids.

8. Write down the child in sports section. Mobile sports well strengthen immunity. If there is no such opportunity, present to the child the bicycle, roller skates, skis, jump ropes, a hoop or badminton. Even the least tots will be able cheerfully to drive a ball.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team