How to save the child from kolik

How to save the child from kolik

Practically at 50% of newborns arises problems with violation of intestinal microflora which can be shown in the form of gripes. It not only disturbs the child, but also breaks a normal way of life of all family.


1. Take the measures capable to prevent developing of gripes at the child or to reduce their frequency and intensity. First of all, try to find out the reason of their emergence. It is better for nursing mothers to keep calm as otherwise nervousness can be told through breast milk that can serve increase of attacks of gripes.

2. Regularly spread the child on a tummy, it promotes a fast otkhozhdeniye of GAZ cars and a chair. Make massage in a stomach or apply the warm diaper which is slightly heated by the iron.

3. If gripes do not stop, pass to medicines, such as Plantex, Espumizan, Sabsimplex. However, keep in mind that these means are effective only at the time of the attack of gripes as they promote weakening of a superficial tension of vials of gas in intestines, to the subsequent rupture of vials of gas and their removal. That is they cannot serve as prophylactic and are given to the kid only at the time of attacks of gripes. These medicines perfectly help if the cause of gripes - the increased gas generation.

4. Also to warn gripes, carefully you watch regularity of a chair at the child. In case it is absent within a day or any more, use an exhaust tube or an enema. Be not afraid of this procedure, at once it will become easier for the child after it.

5. When also these measures do not help, buy children's teas of carminative action in pharmacy. Tea with fruits and oil of fennel which consumption well influences intestinal microflora of the child is especially effective, prevents development of spasms, strengthens a normal vermicular movement and promotes an otkhozhdeniye of gases and a chair.

6. You remember, the nature of feeding of the kid considerably influences a condition of intestinal microflora and also its digestion. Kids on artificial feeding, it is better to feed with the mixes containing prebiotics and the having positive effect on formation of comfortable digestion. On breastfeeding the kids suffer from kolik less often if mom keeps to a diet.

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