How to spend weekend with children

How to spend weekend with children

The days off – time when all family members see off together. Any classes and household chores can be turned into fascinating communication which will bring benefit not only to children, but also adults.

House efforts

Use the days off for productive communication with children. Carrying out together with them cleaning or another matters, you teach children to set the purpose and to develop the plan for its achievement. Having achieved result, together with them compare it to an initial plan. So, on the example of simple actions, you teach children to planning and the analysis.

Acquaint children with household chores. Even at early age they can carry out simple instructions. Let it will be the small help and quality of the performed work low, but so children will feel responsible for a certain volume of duties. Besides, so you will be able gradually to pass on to children the experience. In future independent life they will repeat your actions, having armed with them as an example.

Common causes which you carry out all family bring together you. If within working week each family member is more busy with the work or study, then on the weekend you will be able to become closer to each other. At such moments there is a unity of family and also understanding of love and care is more sharply felt.

Joint entertainments

Joint rest on the weekend also promotes strengthening of the family relations. Choose such types of rest which will allow to derive pleasure to not only adults, but also children. It will become your general bright reminiscence and a charge of energy the next working week. Organize a trip to the country. The proximity of the nature, fresh air will favorably affect health of all family. In addition, outdoor recreation will help to calm nervous system and to restore forces. Also such campaigns develop endurance at children and give new knowledge and impressions. In the course of such days off you will be able to fix at children of data on a plant and animal life, the natural phenomena and relationships of cause and effect. This knowledge will be acquired better, than on classes in kindergarten or lessons at school. Evening of the day off can be devoted to visit of circus or movie theater. Bright impressions will present many positive emotions to all family members. Besides, so you will be able to distract from daily problems. After representation or viewing the movie surely ask children that it pleasant and remembered most of all. Such conversations will contribute to the development in them of the dialogical and monological speech and also logical thinking. Suggest children to reflect the impressions in the drawing. It will help to improve their graphic skills and creative abilities.

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