How to talk to the child on intimate subjects

How to talk to the child on intimate subjects

Often parents very much are afraid of that moment when the child approaches them and will begin to ask frank questions. On them it is difficult to find the correct answers, but it is impossible to ignore them too since it can obtain the necessary information and other ways.

It is required to you

  • - the book about the relations of the man and the woman adapted for children
  • - desire to communicate with the child


1. Children learn the first concepts about division of people into men and women at early age when they see surrounding people. If the child grows in full family where there are mom and dad, then at him these data are postponed at once and become norm. The kid can accidentally see more accurate side in the TV or having become the involuntary witness of intimate scenes between parents. In this case you should not keep silent, and it is necessary to talk, tell with it that it is manifestation of love between adults.

2. If the child went to a garden, it is quite possible that after a while other children can tell it some intimate details. Of course, these data will strongly differ from reality and children's perception completely different, but it is necessary to discuss it with the kid. At such talk the small child should not know physiological details of the relations yet, it is necessary to concern spiritual qualities more. Process of appearance of the kid on light can be explained with strong love between dad and mom and great desire to have children. A story about storks and cabbage at modern children will not be studied any more, only if at absolutely small. At the initial stage of these data it is quite enough, it is just necessary to present it beautifully.

3. When the child a little grows up, the intimate topic will become for him hot again. Questions how it turned out in a stomach as left it, etc. will already begin to interest him. Important, at this time not to run away from a conversation, otherwise thread of trust can be lost forever. If this period came years in 6-7, it is quite possible to give it the special literature adapted for its age. There in very simplified form the physiological process is described, pictures as the kid grows in a stomach are shown. Also it is worth placing surely emphasis that parents have to love each other, to be married and only in this case everything will occur.

4. With the advent of the Internet many children very much early find information, unnecessary for their age. Therefore houses should be put protection against the similar websites, to limit access to network. Of course, completely it is impossible to avoid it, but to minimize quite perhaps. If the child already knows it from you, it will not be so interesting to him.

5. When there comes the teenage age, it is necessary to show an initiative for straight talk if the child did not take the first step. By this time he most likely knows already enough, it is necessary just to help it to orient in these data, to tell about consequences. Very important at such conversation to find the correct wave, to help the child to reveal and not to hesitate of this subject. If he does not trust you, then many nonsenses can do. It is important to inform him that it is impossible to force events and to try to enter intimate relations with the first comer. Very important at the same time existence of feelings to each other that there was no cruel disappointment. By all means it is worth discussing in details and safety in this process. If the child is concerned by any details, be not afraid, you tell everything that you know and if there are difficulties, then read special books.

6. If the child in a priority has feelings, but not physical requirement, then at it much less chances to burn. You teach it to respect yourself and people around and also to aspire and develop on life, construct good trusting relationship among themselves, then it will be much simpler to endure the teenage period of the child to you. Also you should not condemn the child for mistakes if he came to tell to you about it, differently next time he any more will tell nothing to you. It is much easier to control a situation when you are informed on all events.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team