How to teach the child to dive

How to teach the child to dive

To begin to teach the kid it is possible to dive and float already at the earliest age, the water environment for the newborn is "native". It reminds him time when it still was in mom's tummy. It is necessary to begin bathing in a small bath, then to pass to a usual bathtub. What it is important to remember when you teach the kid to dive?


1. It is necessary to begin classes up to three months when at the child the reflex was not gone to hold the breath yet. Water has to be to have temperature not lower than 36 degrees. The first exercises can be begun with simple watering of the child with water. Gather a little water and water to it on the top. It is impossible to splash water directly in a child's face. He can be frightened. After 5-10 such simple exercises it is possible to begin to lower smoothly the kid in water. If he is more senior, then he can show at first everything on the example. Let he at first will water you and will see that it is not absolutely terrible.

2. While the child is in water, you should put him on the hand and to hold a head and plechiko. Talk to the kid, he has to know that you are near. Then overturn on a stomach. You have to support by one hand a chin that water, other hand - a breast and a stomach of the kid did not get into a mouth.

3. It is necessary to think up team according to which the child will hold the breath. For example, "we dive". Under water the child can be no more than two seconds. Further gradually increase time up to ten seconds. Do not forget to praise and support the kid. He should not be frightened or afraid of water. Bathing has to bring him only pleasure.

4. When your child grew up, you can begin to teach him to dive from a side. Slowly bring up him to yourself, holding for both handles. Gradually he will cease to be afraid and will independently jump.

5. Children very much love when parents study together with them, swim nearby and dive. There is a set of different ways to turn training into a cheerful game. For example, many kids love when fathers throw up them up and then dip into water. It will be useful to plunge into water together with the child, starting up bubbles which will cause a delight storm in the kid. In the pool it is possible to play with a ball also. For example, to throw it and to float behind it, or to get various toys or bright objects from a dock apron. All this will bring together you with the child and will allow pleasantly and with benefit for health to spend weekend.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team