How to teach the child to say a letter ""with"

How to teach the child to say a letter ""with"

Sometimes it is difficult to understand the child who is badly uttering any given sounds. Because of it he can have problems in communication owing to which the child becomes nervous and closed. But it is only half the problem. If in time not to deliver to the child the necessary sound, further it can have problems and with a written language.


1. Begin to be engaged in the speech of the child if by 2.5 years he does not mispronounce or mispronounces [c]. At this stage there will be enough house classes. The articulation gymnastics helps to strengthen organs of articulation of the kid and to prepare it for pronunciation of problem sounds. Classes need to be given in the form of a game, it is desirable in front of the mirror. Its duration should not exceed five minutes, and here the number of daily classes can be any, especially if to the child to taste such pastime.

2. Ask the child to smile and put out a uvula, then to put it on the relaxed lower lip and to splash slightly lips, saying pya-pya-pya. When the child learns to cope correctly with this exercise, it is possible to offer it others, more difficult, but interesting.

3. Let the child will slightly open a mouth and slightly will smile. Ask it in such situation serially to touch language external and inside of upper teeth. Then let will do the same exercise with the lower teeth.

4. Teach the kid to do by language the boat. Let he will put out tongue and will try to raise its side edges so that in the center of language the hollow was formed. This exercise hardly is given even to some adults, but it teaches the kid to own the articulation device that is extremely important at statement of sounds.

5. When the logopedic gymnastics is mastered, it is possible to start statement of a sound. Ask the child to clamp teeth a cap from the handle, and then to blow accurately, sending an air stream directly to it.

6. If the last way did not help, it is possible to use similar, not less effective. Let the child will smile broadly and in this situation will rest a uvula against the lower teeth. Put a toothpick (previously having broken off the sharp ends) on a language tip and ask the child to blow strongly on its basis. You will hear an accurate sound [c]. When the child learns to do this exercise with ease, the toothpick needs to be removed.

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