How to teach to read and consider the child

How to teach to read and consider the child

Going to school, the child has to be able to read and consider well. To teach him to it is the task of parents. What to begin this training earlier with, that you will be able to make great progress.


1. Remember that first of all a game is interesting to the child. Think out and tell the kid of the fairy tale about figures and letters. Use cubes, drawings, hand-made articles as evident material.

2. Acquainting the child with concordants, call sounds, but not names of letters (the letter "r", but not "рэ", the letter, but not "бэ"). Reading – rather difficult process therefore before learning to read, surely explain what is vowels and consonants. Explain, than sonants differ from deafs (lay a hand to a throat and ""would"" say sounds and ""p""). The child has to understand what is a syllable and as it is possible to divide a word into syllables. Play games – miss in palms so many time, how many syllables in the word "plane"; throw a ball so many time, how many vowels in the word "mom", etc. Only after that you pass to reading words, offers, and then and short texts.

3. Do not load the child excessively. Classes have to give pleasure. You praise the child if he correctly performed a task. Select for reading bright, colourful books with capital letters. Attentively consider pictures, and start reading. Let it will be the famous fairy tale or the poem (for example, familiar to it since childhood verses by Agniya Bartho).

4. When training in the account, acquaint the child with structure of number. How it is possible to receive number 5? 1+4, 2+3, 3+2, 4+1. Display thus all numbers to ten. Do it by means of candies, fruit. Further it will help quickly to learn to put and read with mind.

5. If the child likes to draw, use the training books where it is necessary to perform simple tasks and to draw or paint objects, animals.

6. If you cannot independently cope, invite to the teacher's child for additional classes. He will help to define and eliminate gaps in knowledge of the child. Useful can be also occupations with peers in the children's centers. The competition element during such training will help the child to mobilize the forces.

7. Use grants for training in reading and the account, they will help you to pass gradually all grade levels to reading and the account. For example, cubes of the famous teacher innovator Nikolay Zaytsev. They can be got in shop or to order online. The guidelines with detailed explanations are attached to techniques. It has also a method of development of writing skills.

8. Be patient. Even if it seems to you that the child slowly moves and hardly masters new information, you do not hurry. For the kid all this is for the first time. Try to support the child. Do not abuse if he does not understand something. Lay complex material for several days, and then return to it again. Look for new ways of an explanation of the difficult moments.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team