How to treat bronchial asthma at children

How to treat bronchial asthma at children

The chronic disease of bronchial tubes at children is followed by suffocation attacks, the whistling rattles, painful cough. It is necessary to treat bronchial asthma at the child according to the individual plan which considers weight of a course of a disease, availability of allergen, etc.


1. Eliminate contact with the allergen causing asthma attacks. If the use of certain types of food is the reason of attacks, then it is necessary to exclude them from a diet. The allergy to wool demands elimination of full contact with the animals and materials containing allergen. If the child reacts to dust, then it is necessary to exempt the room from dust collectors (to remove carpets, soft toys, to replace down pillows and woolen blankets, to carry out damp cleaning every day, etc.). In case elimination of allergen is impossible, it is necessary to carry out the desensibilizing therapy – introduction to an organism of the child of constantly increasing allergen dose. Similar therapy is directed to recovery of adequate reactivity of a children's organism on allergen.

2. As appearance of an allergy in the child is closely connected with a condition of intestines and violation of its microflora, it is necessary to watch a chair of the child and to hold preventive events (sour-milk diet, abundance of fresh vegetables and fruit, intake of vitamins).

3. Use of anti-inflammatory medicines is shown in case elimination of allergen does not allow to reach the necessary effect. The child needs to take non-hormonal medicine (anti-inflammatory nonsteroid medicines) and corticosteroids in the form of inhalations.

4. The bad attack of asthma demands performing the emergency treatment with use of the medicines removing a spasm of bronchial tubes. Parents of the child have to have always near at hand such medicines and use them according to the instruction.

5. It is necessary to carry out prevention and timely treatment of any respiratory diseases – bronchitis or pneumonia can aggravate the course of bronchial asthma and provoke the hardest attacks.

6. To restore a children's organism and to increase its forces in fight against a disease, it is accepted to send children sick with asthma to sanatoria. The favorable microclimate, observance of the mode and a daily routine, holding the all-strengthening procedures (massage of a thorax, remedial gymnastics, respiratory sessions) well affects a condition of the child.

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