How to treat genital herpes at pregnancy

How to treat genital herpes at pregnancy

Genital herpes represents a viral disease which affects a mucous membrane of genitals of the woman. Often this pathology develops during pregnancy that can lead further to emergence of complications and also is negative influence development of a fruit.


1. Herpes is transmitted in the contact way, but the sexual way of transfer of a virus most often meets. Duration of the sharp period of a disease is about ten days, further it passes into a latent form. The virus remains in an organism on for the rest of the life. The main symptoms of sexual herpes is appearance of rash on vulvar lips, in the form of the bubbles filled with transparent liquid which within several days burst, and on their place sores are formed. The pregnant woman feels an unpleasant itch and burning sensation in genitals. At the same time body temperature can rise up to 39 degrees, the headache and the general feeling of weakness develops. If there were such symptoms, immediately see a doctor for identification of the activator and the beginning of specific therapy.

2. If genital herpes arises for the first time in the first trimester of pregnancy, congenital anomalies of development of a fruit, often incompatible with life can become a consequence of an infection. The virus of herpes of the II type has destructive properties on fabric of a fruit, only 15% of children in case of the postponed disease during pregnancy are born healthy. Consider this factor at decision-making, to leave this pregnancy or to interrupt. Recurrent genital herpes is less dangerous to the child, in mother's blood in this case there are already antibodies to a virus.

3. If the infection arose after 12 weeks of pregnancy, treat this disease, applying various antiviral medicines. For this purpose consult with the attending physician. Do not begin to treat herpes at all independently as it can lead to negative consequences, both for you, and for the child.

4. Antiviral medicines are produced in the form of tablets, ointments, candles and creams. For pregnant women antiviral ointments are recommended, they are applied locally and in this regard make the minimum impact on a fruit. For fast healing of wounds use oil of a dogrose, sea-buckthorn with which grease vagina walls. This treatment rather long, you carry out it not less than three weeks. At this disease, besides specific antiviral treatment, appoint also medicines and for increase in immunity which part are ekhinatseya, group B vitamins, eleuterokk and a ginseng.

5. It is necessary for the pregnant women who had a herpetic infection in three weeks prior to childbirth to go to hospital to prevent fruit infection during the process of the birth. As a rule, in such cases appoint Cesarean section. Remember that before planning of pregnancy it is necessary to conduct a full course of inspection of an organism of a herpes virus.

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