How to treat kidneys at pregnancy

How to treat kidneys at pregnancy

During pregnancy the women have a set of the complications connected with health. One of such problems – a disease of kidneys. The most widespread of them is pyelonephritis. It can carry as chronic character, and to appear during pregnancy.


1. The largest probability of manifestation of pyelonephritis at women who already once had it. This infectious disease which can appear against the background of the weakened immunity, from behind infections in an urinary system. Anyway it is necessary to address the gynecologist at once. By results of analyses he will be able to define character diseases and to register necessary medicines. Surely specify at the doctor as any given medicine will affect pregnancy. If you had doubts, try to get to other doctor that that expressed the opinion.

2. Besides medicines which will be appointed to you by the doctor it is possible to perform independently procedures for simplification of a state and treatment of a disease. As pyelonephritis is connected with complexity of removal of urine, use natural diuretics. It can be cranberry drink. Herbal teas possess also excellent anti-inflammatory, disintoxication and diuretic action. Their essential advantage is that they practically do not wash away necessary salts from an organism. The following plants will be suitable for preparation of such broths: elder flowers, leaves of cowberry, mint, hips, nettle, marjoram, St. John's wort, horsetail, camomile, fennel fruits. The prepared broth is taken by 3 times a day for half an hour to food. The course lasts before permanent disappearance of pains and symptoms of a disease.

3. Also appearance of pyelonephritis can have purely mechanical character: a uterus, gradually increasing, begins to press on the next bodies. Thus, on peredavlenny mochetochnik it is more difficult to urine to leave an organism. In such situations of the pregnant woman appoint position therapy. It is possible to reduce the uterus pressure upon kidneys also independently: get up on all fours and the postoyta is so about 10 minutes old if it does not cause strong physical inconveniences. Such pose promotes movement of weight of a uterus down, at the same time it ceases to press on kidneys.

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