How to understand that childbirth begins

How to understand that childbirth begins

Last weeks pregnancy young mothers begin to wait disturbingly for the moment of appearance of the kid on light. How to understand that childbirth began? The begun patrimonial process has characteristic signs.


1. The stomach falls. Approximately from 36th week of pregnancy the woman begins to notice that the stomach falls down, it becomes easier to breathe, problems with digestion disappear, in particular there passes heartburn as the child ceases to press on internals.

2. The back hurts. Pulling Bol in a waist too say that childbirth close. Exercises for a basin and a back can relieve pains.

3. There are hypostases and spasms. When the stomach falls down, the child begins to press on blood vessels of a basin why spasms become more frequent and hypostases develop.

4. False contractions are also harbingers of childbirth. They represent nagging pains in the bottom of a stomach with uneven periods between them. False contractions do not cause disclosure of a neck of the uterus.

5. Otkhozhdeny mucous stopper. The mucous stopper (the slime clot closing an entrance to a uterus) can depart before childbirth, and can gradually leave within 2 weeks prior to childbirth. If there were mucous allocations with blood, it means that childbirth began.

6. Otkhozhdeniye of waters. Amniotic waters depart when the neck of the uterus is opened already half. The fetal bubble can burst without unpleasant feelings - without pain and spasms. At suspicion on the fact that at you waters leak it is necessary to call the ambulance at once. If waters departed, it means that childbirth began.

7. And, at last, beginning of fights. The main feature of the real labor pains - frequency. They are started from the short-term spasms repeating anew each 15-20 minutes, and which then are becoming more frequent and gaining more expressed painful character. During the fights the neck of the uterus opens, and the child moves ahead on patrimonial ways.

8. At detection at least of several signs of the beginning of childbirth, it is necessary to call immediately the ambulance and to go to maternity hospital.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team