In what month it is better to conceive the child

In what month it is better to conceive the child

There is no universal council for future mothers in what month it is the best of all to conceive the child. But it is possible to calculate pluses and minuses of any given season for the birth of the kid and to plan conception for a certain season. Remember that not always women manage to become pregnant in the necessary month, for a healthy organism normally if pregnancy does not occur within a year therefore precisely it is impossible to plan conception.

Conception in the winter

If conception happened in winter months – December, January, February – that the child, most likely, will be born in the fall. In this case the first months of pregnancy fall on time when be in full swing a flu epidemic and other infectious diseases, and the embryo in the first weeks is very sensitive to viruses. Also it is necessary to consider that the child will be born in the fall - it is not the most pleasant season: slush, rains, cloudy days promote emergence at mom of a postnatal depression.

Nevertheless, the last trimester of pregnancy if it falls on autumn months, passes easier as the gestosis proceeds well, insomnia torments seldom, less hypostases develop.

Conception in the spring

If to conceive the child in March, April or May, then he will be born next winter. Among minuses it is possible to call the fact that organisms of parents do not receive enough vitamins in the spring what health of the son or daughter can depend on. But this problem is easily solved by the choice of good polyvitaminic means and healthy nutrition. Also in the spring the risk is quite high too to get cold or the flu therefore it is necessary to protect itself from diseases well. And in recent months pregnancy to the woman needs to watch the safety carefully: in the winter the risk of falling and injuries because of slippery roads increases. But in winter time in an organism a lot of melatonin is produced that has beneficial effect in the last trimester of pregnancy, also reducing insomnia and preventing development of complications.

Besides cold on deadlines is transferred easier, than a heat.

Conception in the summer

If to become pregnant in the summer, then childbirth will take place in the spring. Doctors call this time of conception the most safe – organisms of mother and the father receive a large amount of vitamins and enough the sun, are not ill and are full of strength therefore the foundation for the birth of the healthy and strong child is laid. But its birth, on the contrary, falls on the period of hypovitaminosis and flu epidemics that can lead to developing of diseases in the first months of life.

Conception in the fall

If conception happens in the fall, then the child is born in summertime – in June, July or August. In terms of health of parents this great time, after summer the organism was supported with vitamins and filled with solar energy though ahead quite hard time dangerous by viral diseases. And before childbirth the pregnant woman should experience all difficulties of the last trimester falling on summer: the heat, long light days which are not allowing to fall asleep at night and preventing production of melatonin, hypostases. But when the child will be born, at first will look after him more simply – it is not necessary to dress him in warm clothes, to protect from colds, it is also not necessary most to wear heavy clothes.

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