In what situations it is impossible to punish the child

In what situations it is impossible to punish the child

Punishment from parents - a situation, usual for each child. The reasons there can be a huge number. The behavior, relationship with animals or peers, communication with adults, damage of property - all this is familiar to each parents. However quite often adults make serious mistakes, punishing children without the reasons, special on that. It is important to understand a side between imprudence of the child and deliberate actions.


1. Very often mothers begin to shout at small children because of their behavior. For example, if the one-year-old child overturned on himself food from a plateau or spilled juice if fell, having been lost in contemplation of birdies or animals or even broke a toy. It is important to understand that the child tries to learn the world surrounding him. Children at early age do not realize what they are punished for, they only understand that mom for something is angry. If the child did not listen to you and ran on a pool, do not write off to shout at him. Explain with quiet tone why so it is impossible to do, and wet boots will become a favorable argument.

2. Small children constantly break the toys or home decoration. If any thing is very expensive to you - remove it far away from children's hands. If the child broke the toy, it is quite probable that it was not on age or bad quality. The child can tell that it is necessary to handle things accurately, but you should not shout and punish in such situations of children.

3. Everything that surrounds him is interesting to the small child. Your task is to help it to learn the world and some of its dangers. For example, if during walk the child runs away and you worry that he can will be wounded or to receive a sting from an insect, give to it a bright example. If the kid does not believe that the grass can ""bite"" - allow it to touch a young nettle. Unpleasant feelings will be instantly caused at the child trust to your words. It is very important to understand ""measure"" in this case. To make such experiments, for example, with boiled water, it will be rash.

4. Unfortunately, not his behavior, but your fatigue or problems at work can sometimes become the reasons of punishment of the child. Many parents begin to break on children without the reasons, special on that. Get it together. The child is not guilty of your problems. Try to contact less to him - buy a new toy, think up occupation or include the animated film which he did not watch yet. Until the child is distracted, try to calm down as soon as possible.

5. Very important from the earliest age to define to the child a clear boundary between what it is impossible to do also by what is possible. Initially accustom the child to obedience and if it is required - allow to be mistaken sometimes. So the child independently will understand the necessary side and will not take offense at you or to consider too strict mom.

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