On what the line of pregnancy for the first time can feel movements of a fruit

On what the line of pregnancy for the first time can feel movements of a fruit

Pregnant women with impatience expect when the kid begins to move inside. The first movements of the child can cause different associations – they can remind tickling, stroking, usual pushes. As for terms of emergence of stirs, they can be various.

For most of mothers the instant when they for the first time felt in the movement of the not born child, is one of the most emotional and touching moments for all pregnancy. It occurs in the second trimester of pregnancy when the woman already gets used to the new state and with impatience expects acquaintance to the baby. The first stirs of a fruit – the concerning and mysterious moment which is not allowed to endure to anybody any more, except mother of the kid.

When the child begins to move inside

The fruit begins to move on the eighth or ninth week. But so far it is so small that movements it cannot be felt. Movements of the child on the seventeenth week are clearly distinguishable, mothers, pregnant women not for the first time, can feel it. Women, pregnant women for the first time, begin to feel movements of a fruit when pregnancy contains 20-22 weeks. Thin mothers usually begin to feel movements inside earlier, than full.

At the second and the subsequent pregnancies of the movement of a fruit of mom begin to feel earlier because uterus muscles are already well prepared for it, and the woman is familiar with such feeling. At the first pregnancy sometimes and on the big term of mom not always feel the child. If it disturbs, see behind consultation a doctor who conducts pregnancy. At its general good current you should not worry – when movements of the child become distinct and regular, mom surely will feel them.

What to do if at normal pregnancy movements of the kid are not felt

Try to listen attentively to the state more attentively. If pregnancy term more than 20 weeks, lie down on a back about half an hour in the evening, at the same time try to listen to own organism. The kid on this term grew up already enough, and it is not really convenient for it when mom lies on a back. In most cases he is heard from sharp pushes or active stir. Approximately in 24 weeks of stir of the kid become so distinct that not only mom, but also all family who will wish can feel them. As pregnancy term increases, the child increases force and intensity of movements. 20 weeks of pregnancy – on average make a fruit during a day of 200 movements, at term 28-32 weeks their quantity can reach 600. Before the childbirth the kid grew up enough, and he has not enough place for movements. The number of stirs can decrease, but they are the same strong.

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