On what to pay special attention at education of the boy

On what to pay special attention at education of the boy

Parents who have a son, dream that he became the real man, that is brave, strong, reliable, responsible. But for this boy it is necessary to bring up correctly. Alas, quite often at education serious mistakes are made, especially often it occurs if the son is raised by single mother. As a result the grown-up man, weak-willed, indecisive, lacking initiative, belongs to the stronger sex only nominally. On what it is necessary to pay special attention, bringing up the boy what mistakes to avoid?

Correct education of the son

It is impossible to bring up the boy at all as the girl. Single mothers and also too imperious, vigorous mothers dominating in family often make the gross blunder: they bring up the son as the daughter. And women not only try to accustom him first of all to a faultless order, accuracy, cleanliness (it is hardly possible to object to it), but also demand from the boy of implicit obedience, try to preserve it against the slightest risk. Besides, such "careful" mothers with persistence, really worthy the best application, eradicate in the son even the most insignificant manifestations of an initiative, independence, not to mention the healthy aggression by nature inherent in most of men! "I know better that it is necessary to you and as you should arrive" - such is the firm principle of similar mothers. And then, having achieved natural result, the same mothers make a helpless gesture in perplexity: "Why it grew such weak-willed rag?"

Do not make similar mistakes that then it was not necessary was late to regret!

How to achieve that the boy grew up the real man

Accustom the boy to work since early years, but surely allow it to show an initiative, to work by trial and error. Prompt and help as seldom as possible. Only this way he will learn to make independently decisions and to take the responsibility.

The huge role is played by an example of the father. If the boy sees that dad treats mom with love and respect, it is considered with her opinion, helps her that she not too was tired on the house, then and he when she grows up and will make family, will behave almost for certain likewise. The father has to teach the son to cope with tools, for example, to put the clamps. To parents it is not necessary to demand from the son that he obeyed "from a half-word" to eradicate, especially, in it any manifestations of aggression. Boys quite often clash and fight - it is the natural phenomenon. But, of course, everything is good moderately. It is necessary to inspire in the son that it is possible to use force only as a last resort, when there is no other exit – for example to be protected most, or to protect weak who is offended. If your son fought with the peer a little, it is not necessary to go to deal with boys in the yard. Your boy has to be able to stand for himself, but not to hide behind backs of parents.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team