Permanent make-up of eyes: features of the procedure, leaving and possible negative consequences

Permanent make-up of eyes: features of the procedure, leaving and possible negative consequences

great popularity of permanent make-up, not all women wishing to undergo such procedure have clear idea of it. What is the permanent make-up? Of what stages does the procedure consist? How it is correct to look after permanent make-up? What negative to consequences can the owner of permanent make-up face?

In recent years the permanent make-up of eyes became rather popular service in cosmetology offices. And it is unsurprising! Qualitatively made permanent make-up can save for several months his owner from constant use of eyeliner, ink and other decorative cosmetics, thereby having saved precious time. However, before deciding on such procedure, it is necessary to study contraindications, rules of leaving in advance and also to learn all possible consequences of permanent make-up of eyes.

It is considered to be that the permanent make-up has arisen still in the ancient time, along with art of tattoo. Despite long story, permanent make-up has received great popularity only at the end of the last century. Today any given types of such resistant make-up are used practically by every fourth woman. After women have understood what is permanent make-up and as with its help it is possible to change appearance, demand for services of cosmetologists has grown.

In fact, the permanent make-up is the same tattoo as assumes introduction of the painting pigments to skin layers. However, at permanent make-up dyes are entered not so deeply – for this reason it keeps no more than 1.5-3 years depending on number of factors. After full or partial removal of pigment the correction of permanent make-up which allows to make resistant make-up attractive and attracting look is appointed.  

Unfortunately, because of lack of information among the population there is opinion on harm of permanent make-up. Whether the permanent make-up of eyes actually is harmful, or it is rather safe procedure? To receive the answer to this question, it is necessary to study types of resistant make-up, feature of its drawing, the rule of leaving, contraindication and also possible consequences.

You should not consider the procedure painful, despite wide circulation of such stereotype. Learn from qualified specialists as do permanent make-up, and after it weigh everything for and against the procedure.  

Today there are several popular types of the procedure among which there is permanent make-up in the eyes, lips, eyebrows, centuries, etc. Each kind of permanent make-up can make noticeable changes to appearance of the owner. For example, by means of permanent make-up it is quite real to increase and correct shape of lips, to change their shade, to receive beautiful eyebrows lodge or front sight as at Marilyn Monroe, to make effect of eyeliner in the eyes.   

The procedure for drawing permanent make-up on eyes can be divided into several stages among which conditionally:

  1. Choice of salon and master.
  2. Development and approval of the sketch.
  3. Introduction of pigment.
  4. Leaving after permanent make-up and prevention of negative consequences.

Before addressing the cosmetologist, it is necessary to study the list of salons where to clients suggest to make permanent make-up, to study works of masters and also responses of the real clients. From what salon you choose, the quality of permanent make-up and state of your health after the procedure will depend. Each expert respecting himself has to have own portfolio in which photoreports of procedures are presented on various stages – before drawing, at once after introduction of the painting pigments and also after healing.

As soon as you find the salon inspiring trust, it is necessary to consult with the master, having accurately stated the wishes to future permanent make-up. At this stage the development of the sketch and approval of all its details is carried out. If the permanent make-up sketch in the eyes made by the cosmetologist suits you, it is possible to pass directly to the procedure.

Before introduction of pigments the master applies on working area the anesthetizing ointment or spray for decrease in sensitivity. After it works, the remains of means are removed napkin and introduction of pigments to skin layers begins. At the final stage on fresh permanent make-up the antiseptic promoting fast healing is imposed.

As much as possible to reduce the probability of emergence of negative consequences, it is necessary to provide to permanent make-up due care in house conditions. To prevent appearance of shadows under the eyes, irritations, entering of infection it is possible only if you execute number of the following rules:

  1. Every day it is necessary to apply antiseptic ointment which to you will be advised by the master on area of fresh permanent make-up.
  2. To completely exclude campaigns to the pool, bath, sunbed until the make-up does not begin to live.
  3. To refuse for a while srubs, creams, decorative cosmetics.
  4. Not to come to the sun without points or headdresses within several weeks after commission of the procedure.

In addition it is necessary to try not to touch the place of introduction of pigments, even at appearance of severe itch once again. If any requirement for leaving is submitted to you impracticable, it is necessary to think once again before visit of the cosmetologist – and whether it is worth doing permanent make-up?  

Depending on qualification of the master who did permanent make-up in the eyes, quality of the used painting pigments and also observance of rules of antiseptics during procedure the emergence or lack of unpleasant consequences will depend. You should not worry if next day you formed reddening or small swelling in places of introduction of dye – it is possible to remove hypostasis of eyes by means of cold compresses and the healing ointments which will be advised by the master. However, after permanent make-up also more serious consequences – for example, emergence of dark circles, inflammatory processes, loss of eyelashes and even appearance of conjunctivitis can be found. Usually such unpleasant symptoms can develop in connection with bad processing of the tools used during drawing permanent make-up on eyes, ignoring of rules on leaving.

If at you eyes after the procedure for several days water, then it can be one of symptoms of the brought infection. Such option is possible when using of the low-quality painting pigments, bad antiseptics, lack of care for permanent make-up. Anyway owners of permanent make-up should address the master who carried out the procedure, and then and to the ophthalmologist.  

As well as any other cosmetology procedure, for permanent make-up of eyes has some contraindications. For example, the people suffering from need to refuse effect of eyeliner or imitation of eyelashes:

  • allergic reactions;
  • asthmas;
  • epilepsies;
  • number of mental diseases;
  • diabetes;
  • bad blood clotting;
  • diseases of cardiovascular system;
  • the increased arterial blood pressure.

The permanent make-up in the eyes should not be done at the lowered immunity, during pregnancy and feeding by breast. In the presence of the birthmarks, warts and other skin new growths which are in close proximity to the place of drawing permanent make-up it is worth refraining from holding procedure. 

In conclusion It is necessary to tell that it is necessary to put permanent make-up only to the people who do not have contraindications which can provide the correct care for resistant make-up. The appearance of permanent make-up and duration of its use will depend on that how many efforts for it will be made it by the owner.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team