Plastic dresser to the nursery: pluses and minuses

Plastic dresser to the nursery: pluses and minuses

Equipping the children's room, parents often think as well as where to arrange a heap of toys. Wooden shelves, dressers and cases very expensive. In the children's room they can quickly lose the original state because children continually depict everything, paste over with stickers, spill water. Wooden furniture will not for long sustain such loading. For the aid to parents it is possible to offer furniture from plastic. It will ideally fit into a children's interior, will stay all childhood of the child there and will sustain all childish pranks. But whether children's dressers for toys are so good?

Advantages of plastic furniture to children

Plastic dressers in the nursery will originally look also to the place, especially if to choose them on a subject of registration of the children's room. Plastic very flexible and fusible material therefore from it not only standard dressers, but also a different form can be created. Do you want roundish or in the form of some animal? Please! Plastic dressers for the nursery compact, them it is possible to put under a children's table or on it; is high, with different quantity of the putting-forward lockers. Dressers from plastic lungs, because of existence of wheels they are mobile, they without problems can be moved on the apartment.

Plastic dressers for children are made of quality material which practically does not contain hazardous substances. Paint on dressers does not fade, does not fade, and bright pictures on facades will always amuse the child. Plastic easily washes, traces of paints and felt-tip pens well descend from it. Places of children's stickers can always be washed that the child filled the dresser with new drawings again and again. It is difficult to scratch plastic surfaces; if it happened, then the scratch will practically not be visible.

Boxes in qualitative plastic dressers integral, do not understand. In such dressers there are no fixers for drawers therefore the child can pull out the necessary shelf with ease and go to play.

Conveniently the fact that in such dressers there are no metal or glass inserts because of which the child can suffer. Plastic dressers are made without acute angles, they do not burst and are not stratified over time. Dressers from plastic are attractive by the price. They cost not much, in them there is a lot of place for storage. Them it is possible at any moment of and without big expenses to replace with other attractive dresser if existing bothered. Bright and cheerful plastic dressers in the children's room not only will create mood, but also will accustom your child to an order. Removing the toys on boxes, the kid will learn to watch purity in the room.

Shortcomings of plastic dressers

Whether plastic dressers for the children's room are so good? After all it is furniture from such material which contains a certain share of toxins. They can be emitted at a certain temperature and humidity in the room. That dressers from plastic were safe for health, it is worth airing the room of the child at least once in day. You should not put children's plastic dressers about the battery or the furnace because they can melt or even to blow up from high temperatures. Plastic also bursts on a frost therefore you should not store dressers from this material on the balcony if it is not warmed. Cheap Chinese plastic quickly bursts, leaving at the same time acute angles and cracks. Therefore choose dressers from quality plastic (Czech Republic, Italy, Germany). For some parents big minus is that drawers have no fixers. Children who do not understand the force yet can drop on themselves a box with toys, having sharply pulled it on themselves. Also the empty dresser is dangerous to small children half. Because of the small weight of plastic the child can push a dresser so that it will fall to it. Do not forget that all dressers (independently of what material they are made) have property to fall if to open all boxes at once. Therefore parents should take care of safety of the child in the children's room.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team