Probable signs of pregnancy

Probable signs of pregnancy

The inexperienced woman can not always distinguish signs of pregnancy. Especially if there is no pronounced toxicosis. In this case it is worth paying attention not only to physical manifestations of the arisen new life, but also to emotional changes.

Signs of pregnancy - how to understand that it occurred

In the first weeks of pregnancy it is almost impossible to define its approach. Even the test reacting to HGCh hormone level in urine will catch its increase only after two-three weeks. Before signs of pregnancy are shown rather seldom. But everything depends on the woman's organism. There are those who literally in several days after fertilization of an ovum begin to feel drowsiness or, on the contrary, nervousness. It is explained by hormonal reorganization. In certain cases in two-three weeks the breast begins to increase and hurt, there is a permanent rejection of pungent smells and some products. They are symptoms of toxicosis. Not the fact that they will amplify. Many feel discomfort literally two-three weeks, then work of an organism returns to normal.

Lack of periods - the first sign of the occurred pregnancy. And here its existence not always says that conception did not happen. At some allocations continue till fifth or sixth month. It is a reason for the address to the doctor.

One more sign of pregnancy - temperature change of a body. But it can be recorded only in dynamics. It is necessary to take basal temperature in the morning, before rise from a bed. Every day from the moment of the termination monthly, before alleged conception. The thermometer is inserted into a vagina or an anus. It is better to use electronic, it will show result in only sixty seconds. After alleged conception basal temperature increases approximately by a half of degree. That is if normal for the woman - 36.6, then next day after pregnancy she becomes 37.1 - 37.3. Also will remain at least eighteen - thirty days. This way is rather exact, many use it for conception approach definition.

Not always the occurred pregnancy is followed by toxicosis. very often the woman has no slightest manifestations of hormonal reorganization except lack of periods.

Pregnancy or hormonal failure - how to understand

All listed above signs of pregnancy, perhaps, except the hormone test, can demonstrate also hormonal failure. That is it is impossible to trust them for hundred percent. If there are doubts that conception took place, through five - six weeks after date of a delay of menstruation it is necessary to come to consultation to the gynecologist. The doctor will examine, will determine the uterus size, perhaps, will channelize on ultrasonography and will ask to take a blood test on the analysis. Only after such complex actions it will be possible to tell with confidence for hundred percent that pregnancy really occurred.

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