Psychological problems after the delivery

Psychological problems after the delivery

Psychological problems arise at women in the postnatal period along with physiological changes. It is important to know about them and to try to cope with them.

It is possible to carry to the main postnatal problems:

- The unfriendly feeling to the child arises as reaction to the termination of carefree life. Now it is necessary to reconsider a possibility of entertainments, the family budget and articles of its planning. The love and attention of the husband will also share now for two. The feeling passes in itself, gradually, but the help of the expert is in certain cases necessary.

- The depression arises because of tension and despair when a large amount of cases from all spheres of family life falls down the woman. It is child care and its feeding, housekeeping and maintenance of relationship with the husband.

- The fear after the delivery consisting in fear not to cope and not to fall in love with the child so as far as it would be desirable.

- Sense of guilt at the girl's birth, instead of the expected boy.

- Depression and depression if the woman does not feel the due help and support.

- Manifestation of excessive care that results in the increased uneasiness. For example, how to hold the kid not to break to him a neck as newborns do not hold independently the head. In that case mothers watch every minute whether the child breathes, whether all with it as it should be.

- Fear to nurse, lose the husband and his love – one more widespread psychological problem. It is connected with painful feelings at the first feedings and fear to get out of a shape and elasticity of a breast.

The birth of the child is a peculiar stress for mother when not only the organism, but also mentality reconstructs. That psychological changes did not do harm to health of the woman, child and close people, it is important to listen first of all to the organism and the kid.

For example, it is not obligatory to make feeding strictly on hours – the child will tell about it. Also it is not necessary to limit itself in communication, interesting pastime and pleasant emotions. Try to be more often in public, meet friends, give to the family an opportunity to help you – both with economy, and with care for the newborn.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team