Set of exercises for pregnant women in the third trimester

Set of exercises for pregnant women in the third trimester

 The fruit begins to grow in the third trimester of pregnancy intensively, and the tummy reaches the impressive sizes. During this period certain movements become already difficult to be carried out, some women feel discomfort and waist pains, weight in legs. They quite often refuse sports activities, being going to continue such activity after the delivery. Let's consider that occupations physical exercises in the third trimester of pregnancy what their rules and what should be chosen complexes will bring.

Advantage of physical exercises for pregnant women

Women in situation should not ignore physical occupations throughout all pregnancy.

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Use of certain exercises will have such beneficial influence at this time:

  • will become prevention of excessive weight;
  • will prepare a female body for childbirth;
  • will serve as a preventive measure of developing of a varicosity and thrombosis, will improve a metabolism;
  • , so important for the developing kid will oxygenate;
  • will keep good physical shape;
  • will improve mood and an emotional background;
  • will lower load of an organism, a backbone;
  • will become prevention of emergence of gaps during the forthcoming childbirth;
  • will train breath and a body before efforts during childbirth;
  • will improve elasticity of skin, sinews and muscles;
  • will help to recover quicker during the postnatal period and to normalize itself.

When it is better to refuse

It is undesirable to pregnant woman to be engaged in physical activity at the following factors:

  • at toxicosis with vomiting, a gestosis;
  • if earlier there were abortions;
  • at a uterus tone;
  • at omission of a placenta;
  • at catarrhal diseases (SARS, flu and other) and aggravation chronic (GIT ulcers, gastritises and other);
  • at belly-aches;
  • at threat of approach of premature birth.

Important! It is undesirable to pregnant women to cross legs in a sitting position as it promotes appearance of varicosity. It is not recommended to be also long in the sun and to hold heatprocedures.

There is a list of sports occupations which should be excluded during incubation of the child. Usually in such types there is a falling probability. The exercises directed to an extension of muscles of a stomach are also forbidden. Treat undesirable occupations of physical activity:

  • walks on a horse;
  • run;
  • mountain skiing;
  • single combats;
  • group sports — basketball, volleyball, soccer and others;
  • driving the bicycle;
  • any kinds of jumps (from a parachute, in water, on the Earth's surface and other);
  • water ski;
  • all extreme types of sports occupations.

Future woman in labor has to consult surely with the gynecologist observing her pregnancy concerning physical activity and also to be attentive to the organism. She always has to remember that she is responsible not only for own health, but also for future child.

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Physical education for pregnant women in the 3rd trimester

Exercises which are not simply allowed are developed for the women expecting the child, and are very useful. Of course, if the woman before conception did not play strongly sports, then she should not be zealous and further, but it does not mean that it is necessary to refuse physical occupations. In the absence of contraindications the respiratory gymnastics and an easy complex from below-mentioned exercises will help it to prepare themselves for childbirth. Pregnant women who supported themselves in shape earlier are also not recommended to load or tire excessively themselves even with useful occupations. Choose the most acceptable for yourself from a below-mentioned complex.

It is important! If during occupations the pain, discomfort, dizziness and other indispositions is felt, then exercises should be stopped. And at the menacing symptoms (bleedings, severe long pains in the bottom of a stomach and other) to ask for medical assistance.

Morning exercises

Lovers can work out not to refuse a usual way of life in the mornings. It is necessary to include the exercises which are promoting improvement of health and well preparing for patrimonial processes only in morning exercises.

It is possible to use the recommended set of exercises for a back which helps to avoid waist pain, to strengthen a spine column, to improve a bearing and a figure:

  1. For a backbone. To kneel on all fours on the hands bent 90 ° and straightened which it is necessary to arrange under shoulders. Exhaling, to curve a backbone up an arch and to stretch a chin to a breast. To draw in buttocks. Record a position and on a breath return back. The waist cannot be bent.
  2. For a bearing. The same initial position, as in the above exercise — on all fours. Exhaling, to tear off one of hands and to stretch it, having extended fingers forward. At the same time to raise the straightened leg on the other side of a body from the extended hand. The hand and a leg have to make one line with a body. To record the accepted pose and on a breath to return back the raised extremities. To make repetition, having changed a hand and a leg.
  3. For a breast and a bust. To rise directly, to place legs on width of shoulders. To develop a sock of the right leg on 45 °, and left — outside on 90 °. To raise the straightened hands parallel to a floor. To turn the case to the right and to raise the left leg, concerning its finger-tips of the left hand, having raised the right hand to a ceiling. At the time of the largest tension to make turn on the left.

Whether you know? Women before childbirth are recommended to sleep in recent months on the left side as it releases the lower hollow vein which is under edges on the right. It will serve as prevention of puffiness.

Respiratory gymnastics

The correct breath at childbirth facilitates their course and reduces pain, and during incubation of the kid supplies yet not been born child with oxygen. To pregnant women recommend to use the following exercises of respiratory gymnastics:

  1. Elaboration of diafragmalny breath. It is deeply necessary to breathe, making a free breath and an exhalation, controlling process by palms, having placed one on a breast, and the second — on a stomach. The thorax does not move absolutely, only the stomach is involved in breath.
  2. Working off of chest breath. Its performance is similar on the previous exercise, but motionless has to be a stomach, and breath should be made a breast.
  3. To breathe like a dog. Rapid breathing, as at a doggie, with superficial breaths. Then at the end of exercise it is necessary to make a series of deep respiratory cycles to calm pulse.
  4. Jog breath. Here, on the contrary, deep breaths with a delay of breath and slow exhalations are taken. It is admissible to alternate the exhalation made slowly to several (2-3) fast breaths.

Respiratory gimnastikadlya pregnant women in the 3rd trimester: video

Position gymnastics

These exercises help to strengthen muscles on which first of all there is loading during childbirth.

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It is possible to include the following positions in a similar complex:

  1. To sit down in Turkish, to connect soles of legs with each other, and hands to arrange on a lap. To smoothly push knees to a floor. To be late in this position for a couple of minutes.
  2. To rise and part hands. To do turns, leaving immovable a basin.

Occupations on a fitball

The fitball is sports adaptation which is used in many sport centers and at home. Externally it is similar to a big balloon. Occupations on such sphere are good the fact that they reduce load of a spine column, and all exercises are done in comfortable conditions for women.

Whether you know? This sphere is useful and after the delivery quickly to return the form. Also there are occupations for babies which are carried out on a fitball. They help to remove to them a hyper tone and to prevent appearance of gripes, massage and contribute to the development of a vestibular mechanism and the best work of bodies of the kid.

Let's consider the recommended exercises for future mothers on this sphere:

  1. Sitting on a fitball, to take dumbbells and to make rises on the straightened hands. It is possible to part the bent hands in the parties. To repeat several times.
  2. To sit down before a fitball, having crossed legs. Then to squeeze and unclench a ball hands. To execute 10 repetitions.
  3. To lay down on a back, having arranged a leg on a sphere. To straighten and bend them in turn, rolling a fitball.

Such occupation in the 3rd trimester will be excellent prevention of varicosity.

Exercises on a fitball for pregnant women in the third trimester: video

Kegel's exercises

This physical activity is based on the alternate tension and relaxation of group of muscles of a basin. At their performance it is necessary to include crotch muscles.

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Pregnant women will suit the following complex:

  1. Lying on a floor, to bend legs in knees and to part them on the parties. Breath has to be deep and equal. To squeeze vagina muscles on 10 sec., and after to weaken.
  2. Again to lay down and relax all muscles. To place legs on a stool, a sofa or a fitball. At fast speed to strain and relax muscles. It is necessary to begin with groups of muscles of a vagina, and then gradually to pass to muscle fibers of back pass. To carry out everything smoothly, without sharpness.
  3. To sit down on a floor, having crossed legs as in a yoga asana lotus. If does not leave, then it is simple to bend and part them in the parties. To make a delay of breath and to be extinguished. Muscles of a vagina are stuck out outside. At a breath the muscle is reduced. For control it is possible to put a palm at a crotch that fingers to feel tension. It will allow to learn to make an effort at patrimonial activity.
  4. To sit down on a floor and to slightly place the legs bent in knees. Place hands behind, placing on them emphasis. To squeeze muscles of the lower part of a vagina and to fix it 2–3 sec. Then, without reducing tension, to pass gradually to the top part. At the same time slowly to include all muscles of a vagina. To begin to relax vagina muscles, but not all at once, and gradually, in the return sequence as strained.

It is necessary to repeat all exercises 7–10 times. Gradually their number is brought to 30.

Kegel's exercises for pregnant women: video


It is useful for pregnant women to do certain types of extensions. They strengthen muscles, strengthen blood circulation in joints, do them elastic that very much helps at the increasing load of a back and joints. And still it does skin elastic that is excellent prevention of extensions on a stomach.

Let's consider the complex on an extension recommended for future mothers:

  1. Extension of muscles of a back. To rise in a doorway and to rest hands against its parties at the level of a thorax. To put legs a little more widely from the level of shoulders, to relax knees. To gradually lower a chin down, at the same time to bend a back and to bend forward, the basin moves back. To make a breath, having pulled in a stomach and to curve a back. To hold the breath, and after to exhale, holding a back curved. To become straight and pass into an initial pose.
  2. Extension of muscles in sides. To bend the right hand and to rest her palm against a door jamb at the level of shoulders. To try to turn a torso to the left. Then to make turn to the right.
  3. Extension of muscles of a breast. To lean hands against the parties of a doorway and to make attack-legged forward. To make a breath, and then, exhaling, to cramp shovels together and to raise a breast. Having relaxed, to return to an initial pose. To repeat, doing attack by other leg.
  4. Extension of muscles of a shin. To rest palms against a wall and to execute attack by a leg. To move a knee of a leg forward, feeling as muscles last. To return to an initial pose and to repeat attack by other leg.
  5. Extension of muscles of a hip. To sit down on a floor, having straightened legs. Then the left leg to bend and arrange its foot on a knee of other leg. The right hand to move the left hip to the right, having at the same time developed the head to the left side. To fix this position about a minute. To return to the beginning of exercise. To make repetition, having replaced a leg.
  6. Extension of legs. To lay down sideways, to bend the upper leg in a knee, leaning a palm in a floor. To raise the lower leg up and to pull it several seconds. Then to put it on a floor and to repeat, having replaced a side and a leg.

Important! It is not necessary to be engaged in physical activity if badly you feel.

Extension for pregnant women: video

Rules of carrying out fitness at pregnancy

There are certain rules at physical occupations for pregnant women who it is recommended to carry out:

  • it is not necessary to take sharply any loading if did not do this sport earlier;
  • always to listen to itself. At emergence of the slightest discomfort it is necessary to stop occupations;
  • if before pregnancy the woman actively played sports, then sharply it is impossible to throw physical activity. Reasonable physical activity has to be. Some negative phenomena during pregnancy arise because of low-active and a sedentary life — pain in a waist, puffiness and other;
  • try to be careful at sports activities, especially if early never took care of them;
  • not to use sharp movements, turns, inclinations, to carry out everything smoothly;
  • it is quite good to attend school for future mothers at the centers of health and to give classes under observation of the expert;
  • being engaged at home, it is necessary to get acquainted with the training video lessons;
  • the room needs to be aired well before carrying out fitness, and temperature has to be about +20-23 °C;
  • it is better to do exercises next the heart: in 1–2 hours after a meal or for 1-1.5 h to food;
  • it is recommended to carry out sets of exercises daily at the scheduled time;
  • how many to do repetitions and what will be loading, the pregnant woman depending on the health and physical shape defines;
  • to choose clothes for fitness from natural fabrics and not constraining the movement;
  • to monitor breath;
  • to finish occupations relaxation exercises.

Whether you know? An excellent preventive measure against varicosity is frequent lifting of legs higher than the level of a body. It is possible just to lie down, having put a high pillow under legs. Especially it is relevant after long stay standing.

Gymnastics for pregnant women in the third trimester: videos Above-mentioned occupations during the 3rd trimester of pregnancy will help to keep good health, will save from hypostases, will prepare for patrimonial activity. However before them it is necessary to get advice of the doctor and not to be overstrained strongly. It is necessary to refuse gymnastics at feeling sick and during its performance it is necessary to listen to the state.

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