Sterilizer of small bottles: is it necessary

Sterilizer of small bottles: is it necessary

During feeding of the child it is necessary to observe very strict sanitary and hygienic requirements. It is necessary to secure the kid against various diseases. It is insufficiently simple to wash a children's small bottle, it is necessary to sterilize it also.

Than less child, especially the sanitary and hygienic requirements imposed to ware and a small bottle from which he eats have to be strict. Here special sterilizers will come to the rescue. They happen different types, each of which differs from each other in a certain functionality.


Household sterilizers are divided into two:

- cold in which substances antiseptics are applied; - steam in which small bottles are disinfected by steam. On sale the majority of devices — steam. It is more convenient to use them in living conditions. Before beginning to use the device, in special capacity it is necessary to fill in clear water. After it begins to boil, steam will process small bottles and nipples which are located from above.

How to choose a sterilizer?

Steam sterilizers, in turn, have three main subspecies: - for Microwave ovens; - electric; - for small bottles with the heater. Two devices have among themselves insignificant differences. For the first existence of the microwave oven, for the second — the socket is obligatory. That and others are calculated on the different number of children's small bottles. Operating time at both devices approximately identical also makes from two to eight minutes — it depends on a certain model and power of the microwave oven. Until the cover in sterilizers is closed, small bottles remain sterile within several hours. When choosing model the size of small bottles is important. It is better to buy both the device for feeding of the child, and a sterilizer of one producer at once. Devices for the microwave oven are much cheaper electric, but in them it is possible to place only nonmetallic ware. In a sterilizer heater only one small bottle often is located. In favor of such model people who travel with the child usually make the choice. This device takes very few place and can be used not in house conditions (it works from the automobile lighter).

Whether it is worth getting a sterilizer in general?

Many set a question whether there is in general a need for a sterilizer? The answer is simple: is! Why to risk health of the child when it is possible to buy this necessary adaptation in which it is possible to sterilize not only small bottles, but also ware, nipples, dummies and aspirators for a nose? For what to boil all this in a pan when it is possible to use the device? Purity does not happen much, especially when it comes to children's health. Only it is worth remembering that there are microbes to which even the boiling water, for example, golden staphylococcus is not terrible. Therefore it is necessary to control constantly quality of baby food and also before purchase of a sterilizer to make sure of its suitability.

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