Than the kindergarten is useful

Than the kindergarten is useful

""From kindergarten my kid has not enough advantage. It for days on end plays"" So most of parents speaks, without understanding at all that in games and entertainments in the big company the kids study the most important - social behavior.

Children age from three to six years have a formulation of the installations defining their behavior with near people, the help and mercy, a schitaniye with others and at the same time upholding of own interests. By itself it is clear that the behavior foundation in society is laid also in family. Meeting other children in a garden, or other schools the kids learn to join group, not to lag behind all. This rather difficult process can drag on for years.


"I can play with you?", In kindergarten the new relations are entered every day, children gather in the company for a game, learn to declare the wishes and it is easy to transfer refusals.

Behavior in group

Joint games put before kids couple of requirements at once: it is necessary to divide roles, to get used to each other, to help others, to solve problems. The third anniversary children can already help one one to cope with some nurseries a problem: to put a toy, to build the lock. At all this it is necessary to be able to introduce the ideas and desires. The children have the best speech, the easier they will approach with each other.

Understanding and observance of the general rules

It is required for any type an igor. To understand all rules and was able to use them is an important step of intellectual and social development of the child. For example, hide-and-seek is remembered even by little children. Role-playing games begin to be pleasant only with four summer age.

Ability to hold the wishes

For children at kindergarten age it is very difficult. Even at five summer can be a problem to stand in line and to expect when it comes. Little children with very big work overcome disappointments: having lost in something they discharge themselves tears at once. Will cope with disappointment school students manage already.


It is absolutely unusual not to be the constant center of attention - for many. They should become a part of group, for receiving recognition.

Children study the correct social behavior, originally, through own experience and experiences. Teachers create a background for play experience, help with a conflict case, explain how to be in any given situation. And they have to be an example, all children are very observant.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team