The child from a boarding school: what do adoptive parents have to be ready to?

The child from a boarding school: what do adoptive parents have to be ready to?

So far in Russia practice of adoption of children from shelters boarding schools is small, but in the West it is already quite widespread. More often the Russian parents show willingness to take charge of foreign child.

When parents come to tutorship and guardianship authorities with desire to become adoptive parents, experts study family, train them for a meeting with the new child. Children up to three years, and then – 6-7 years enjoy the greatest popularity. It is better if the child is only just taken away from family. Therefore, generally in boarding schools there are teenage children who are already for a long time torn off from family. As a rule, such children are adopted less often. Also it is worth talking about them in more detail.

Children from a boarding school are raised a little in a different way: they do not erase, do not remove, cannot cook food, do not know the prices, do not go shopping. They are not even guided in the city as they do not go to excursions, practically do not leave anywhere.

Such children are served by special personnel therefore children in a boarding school are almost helpless in the real world. What do you have to know adoptive parents about such children?

It is not necessary to be afraid to take even adult children from a boarding school. Such children just dream to get family. If children up to 10 years still can be capricious, more senior children are realized in the unwillingness to return to a boarding school therefore try to be obedient.

At children from a boarding school the ability to express the love as nurses and tutors are not enough for all is not developed. Therefore, than the child is more senior, it is more difficult for that to suit him, simply to embrace, tell a tender word. At first such children will perceive very difficult words, will seem to them that it is necessary for nobody. However, teenagers from a boarding school very much need love of parents, but they do not know at all how to accept such love. It is necessary to accustom the child from a shelter very gradually and accurately to such words as mom and dad, to manifestation of caress. On it month can leave, and even it is more.

The less child, the more simply and quicker he enters new family, to teenagers in this plan it is more difficult. Orphan children very often become adults much quicker, than the children who grew up in family. They managed to take burning from the very beginning and therefore they understand what since the youth needs to be got up.

Having stayed in new family, teenagers already willingly help parents, but very often they begin to protest, even run away from the house. This results from the fact that it seems to them that nobody loves them. Teenagers got used that nobody usually plainly cared for them. To such children it is necessary to show a maximum of patience and attention, to learn to understand and love them. Gradually, after a while, the child will surely reciprocate to you, having turned into really native person.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team