The developing board games for children

The developing board games for children

Is told about advantage of the developing games much. To buy such games now does not make a problem, but, unfortunately, the prices of them sometimes unpleasantly surprise. Besides, the buyer can be not always sure that toys are really made of safe materials. But if you want to please the kids, you can make some board developing games and.

Inserts for the smallest

To children of early age the big benefit is brought by various inserts. Such board game looks rather simply. It is a board in which openings – silhouettes of animals and plants, geometrical figures, etc. are cut out. Inserts which should be placed in openings are applied to a board actually. The child learns to commensurate a form and the size of objects. Find suitable pictures, transfer them to plywood and cut the fret saw. Process surfaces and saw cuts an emery paper. A game is ready. If desired it is possible to paint details – a board in one color, inserts – to others. Large inserts can be given even to children of the second year of life.

It is the best of all to use the most usual oil paint which on the technical properties is suitable for coloring of children's furniture.

Mosaic – a scope for imagination

For a long time also the geometrical mosaic will occupy your kid. He can put patterns on a table or a special plate. It is possible to make such developing game of plywood or a multi-colored tile of PHV. The more will be details, the better. Cut small squares, circles, triangles of all grades and types. It is useful if they are multi-colored, then the kid will be able to learn names not only of forms, but also flowers. If the child is still too small to make patterns as envisioned, draw for him pictures. It can be the car consisting of a rectangle, a square and two circles, a lodge, figures of people and animals. By the way, nobody forbids to download such pictures, to turn them into black-and-white, and then to leave some contours. Such game is good also for summer. It can be taken in a sandbox or on the beach.

Pick up eyes and ears

The board developing game can be made even of paper. Cut out from color cardboard of a muzzle of different animals. They have to be without ears, eyes and noses. Draw fine details on paper and cut out. Suggest children to pick up eyes or noses to animals.

How constellations are called?

The senior preschool child can like a game in the form of the star chart. It is possible to make it, for example, of the black or dark blue velvet paper pasted on cardboard. From a foil on a paper basis do asterisks. Unpack or draw the star chart. This children's game is capable to occupy also the adult.

The child can spread both certain constellations, and all card entirely.

Geography – science for true travelers

Children of the advanced preschool and younger school age with pleasure study geography. Board games can help. The developing game can be, for example, in the form of the card of hemispheres made of blue paper. On this card silhouettes of continents are imposed. If children already well acquired location of continents, it is possible to complicate a task. Preschool children can make, for example, continents of the certain countries. To make such game, it is not obligatory to be able to draw. It is possible to take the card produced in the printing method and to cut out from it everything that is necessary.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team