The list of objects which will not prevent in the house after the delivery

The list of objects which will not prevent in the house after the delivery

How many it is told and retold about what needs to be bought by the birth of the kid and that is not necessary. But, generally it is about children's objects. And we will consider now the list of "serious" objects which considerably will facilitate to you life. They are not obligatory purchases, but without them to you it will be more difficult.


1. Well, of course, washing machine. Without it it is necessary to erase manually daily, and maybe several times in day as it was done by our grandmothers and great-grandmothers. The machine considerably saves your forces and time. It erases more qualitatively and wrings out. Only to load and hang up to dry - economy about an hour of your precious time if it is no more.

2. Humidifier. Pediatricians anywhere and everywhere repeat that cool, damp air is necessary for the child. But it often in apartments very dry, especially in the winter. We, for example, bought a humidifier with the built-in hygrometer, so our humidity in the apartment at that time was only 30 percent.

3. Multicooker. It is an excellent thing. When the feeding up begins, you will steam to the kid food - the multicooker perfectly copes with it. Besides, it is only necessary to load it, to choose the necessary mode and all! She will make the rest. Plus, after the birth of the child the multicooker again to you in the help will absolutely prepare for you once, and. Neither you, nor the husband will remain hungry especially as you cannot starve in any way if you are a nursing mother.

4. Vacuum cleaner or electrobroom. When the kid begins to creep, floors in the house have to be absolutely clean, especially, when pets also live in the house. And still, when your child himself will learn to eat, hold a spoon in hand, to take food hands, after each meal the serious cleaning is necessary to you. The vacuum cleaner or an electrobroom considerably will facilitate this labor-intensive process of cleaning.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team