Transforming stool for feeding: advantages and shortcomings

Transforming stool for feeding: advantages and shortcomings

The first months of life of the kid run imperceptibly. Parents with delight and impatience watch its first progress. After the first smile, the first independent movements, there comes feeding up time. During this important period of life of the baby mom needs reliable assistants. Undoubtedly, it is ready porridges, juice and puree. Along with them the significant assistant the stool for feeding acts. Among a set of various models, parents often choose a transforming stool.

Advantages of a transforming stool to feeding

The main advantage of a transforming stool to feeding is its multifunctionality. It combines in itself(himself) a table and a stool, and some modern models are transformed even to a swing and a cradle. When it is necessary to feed the kid of 4-8 months, the stool is put from above a table. The high classical stool for feeding turns out. When the child becomes more senior, the transformer can be sorted. The mini-space for the kid turns out: its own table and chair to it.

Such opportunity gives noticeable advantage. Gradually the child can not only eat at this table, but also be engaged in creativity. It considerably saves money of parents as it is not necessary to buy an additional set of furniture for classes of the kid. Besides, height of a table and a stool are very convenient for little children.

Transforming stool shortcomings for feeding

It is known that any best thing has shortcomings. And the transforming stool is not an exception. The main lack of this model - it takes a lot of place. It cannot be put and set aside unlike other models aside. There are two more shortcomings which are connected with safety of the child. These shortcomings meet only at wooden stools. These are classical models in which predecessors our mothers fed us. In wooden transforming stools the child is badly recorded. There are no belts which would hold the baby. And between a table-top and a seat there is a space which allows the active kid to get out or rise. Agree, falling from such height is very dangerous to the small child. Besides, there is no fixer between legs. During feeding many children crawl and often slip down, under a table-top. In modern plastic analogs there is a ledge which does not allow the child to jump out of a chair. In a wooden stool there is no such ledge. As a rule, it is a small tape made of cloth which does not maintain the child's weight. We tried to consider in detail all shortcomings and advantages of a transforming stool to feeding of children. As far as they are significant, to solve only to you. Let the childhood of your kids will be happy.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team