Ways to improve the relations with the child

Ways to improve the relations with the child

Daily try to allocate time for you and your child. It is not necessary to plan every minute stay together with the child. Rather just to be together in one room and to go about the own business.

Not always relations of parents with children are good. In order that to adjust them, it is necessary to listen to some councils:

1.   Listen to children, despite everything. The world of the child often does not submit to laws of an adult environment. Therefore mom and dad need to listen carefully to the child in any places and under different circumstances: behind collaboration, during entertainments or on the way home. To children it is important that the story about various situations in their life was heard and understood by dear people.

2.   Listen to children up to the end. You should not interrupt the child or to give to him premature advice before he completely does not speak. Hasty conclusions of parents can only do much harm to it and undermine confidence to adults.

3.   Be not overzealous with morals. Children will never share the impressions and experiences with those parents who having listened to them, I begin to give a boring and long lecture about "badly" and "well" and as to fight against all this.

4.   Punish and praise moderately. The discipline has to be under construction on a fair basis. Parents have to understand that all children play pranks and make small offenses. The child will not share with them the failures any more. In any situation the child needs to explain quietly, to arrive properly in any given situation.

5.   Try to understand the culture of children. All once were children, listened to music, unclear for adults, wore unusual clothes and talked to friends on a certain slang. Parents should not "get" roughly into this world of the child, without reckoning with his opinion and preferences, otherwise from constant criticism he can become reserved. And at it it sometime will pass.

6.   Enter family tradition. Modern families define days for joint rest or sports what becomes pleasant tradition, does them stronger and more amicable.

Also do not forget to set an example to children always. The child wants to resemble mom and dad and notices how parents communicate with other adults, adopting their habits and behavior.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team