We choose a toy for the baby

We choose a toy for the baby

Toys help the child to be formed as the personality and to develop the outlook. Correctly picked up toys teach the kid to distinguish sounds and colors, acquaint with a form and volume, develop physical abilities and intellectual qualities, help to cultivate the moral principles and acquaint with the world around.


1. It is impossible to imagine the kid without toy. The toy will accompany the little person for many years, having even matured, getting to toy store, we enjoy beautiful dolls and big machines. It is necessary to approach the choice of toys responsibly. We exclude all those which bear in themselves danger – acute angles and details I can wound the kid, and small not strong fragments of a product can fall off and be swallowed by the child. At infantile age the kid cannot independently play, he only watches unknown forms and listens to unfamiliar sounds. Ideal option for the monthly child will be – the various forms of toys suspended over a bed which are gradually turning and publishing a silent gentle melody.

2. Growing up, the kid tries to take the amusing things which are kindly put by mummy in a bed in handles. Here it is necessary to be especially attentive, toys will approach with large details, easy and bright. Interesting to the kid will be toys with faces – a tumbler toy, various animals with pronounced muzzles, rubber squeakers and bright rattles. Pay special attention to coloring of toys which paint is covered a toy, has to be harmless. A product coloring not frightening, colors are appropriate bright and cheerful. Upon purchase of a toy ask the certificate on a product. The objects making sounds have to cause joyful emotions and have a soft soundtrack. A variety of sounds induces the kid to catch distinction of soundings of any given toy. The child listens to different musical sounds, he develops interest in music and hearing develops.

3. Make a soft toy of bright, beautiful fabric, feeling as fingers fabric, the kid gets acquainted with other structure of a toy. Development of tactile feelings influence a brain of the child. The more various toys, the kid develops better.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team