What clothes are necessary to the newborn

What clothes are necessary to the newborn

The birth of the child brings it to parents a lot of joy and experiences. From the first days of the life the kid needs various things and, first of all, clothes. Its right choice is rather responsible task.

Surely in advance learn in maternity hospital what needs to be taken for the newborn from clothes. In most maternity hospitals all the is used, and demand from parents only pampers.

In maternity hospital usually put baby's undershirts on the baby: at first thin, then thick, pampers, a cap also swaddle. Linen changes daily, sometimes not once. Some private maternity hospitals allow to put a T-shirt, pampers, a cap, overalls, mittens on the newborn. The child at the same time can be not swaddled.

At an extract home it is necessary to be guided by weather conditions. At first it is possible to put on thin and warm baby's undershirts or a T-shirt and warm overalls. If you put on the child of a baby's undershirt, wrap him in two diapers: thick and thin. Do not forget about a cap or a soft kerchief on a head of the baby. In cold season surely take in maternity hospital a blanket (depending on weather – warm or easy). It is possible to do also without blanket. Then over light overalls put on still a warm jacket and panties and also woolen socks. Place the child in an envelope (warm or easy). Upon return home from maternity hospital, for the child the following clothes have to be prepared: – two-three baby's undershirts or jacket lungs; – three warm jackets; – two three romper suit, if you use pampers, or four-five if you use gauze diapers; – some warm socks and two-three couples of cotton; – if you plan to swaddle your kid and will use pampers, then thin and flannel diapers will be necessary for you (on 4 pieces); – if you use gauze diapers, diapers it is required twice more; – caps or hats – 2 pieces, for the winter are required a warm cap; – one output overalls or envelope; – two pairs of mittens and a mitten for winter time; – two pairs of bootees, thin socks two-three couples. This set of clothes can vary depending on opportunities and preferences of young parents.

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