What dairy mix to choose

What dairy mix to choose

The healthy nutrition for kids forms the basis of their health and good development. Of course, to replace milk of mother very difficult. But sometimes there are situations that it catastrophically there is not enough or comes feeding up time.

The choice of dairy mix for the child is very important action. It is worth consulting to the expert who will help to make a healthy choice previously.

Types of dairy mixes

Children's mixes make:

- on the basis of cow's milk; - on the basis of the hydrolyzed protein;

- on the basis of protein of soy.

The mix choice completely depends on the initial state of health of the kid. If the child healthy, then he suits standard mixes. Usually they go on the basis of cow milk. They are applied when the kid has no diseases or contraindications to structure. Such mixes the majority, it is easily possible to find them in any pharmacy. It is desirable to choose at the same time mixes without the content of starch, sucrose.

If the child is subject to risk of development of an allergy or any functional violations, then it will be suitable preventive or treatment-and-prophylactic mix for feeding. In this case it is worth choosing mixes in which there is a hydrolyzed protein. Then it is possible not to be afraid of development of allergic reactions and other states, mixes at the same time are without effort acquired. When there is already a certain disease, pediatricians advise medical mixes which will help to stabilize a condition of a children's organism, will not provoke exacerbation of a disease.

How to choose dairy mix, considering age of the kid

Dairy mixes are selected proceeding from age of the child. In that case they contain all nutritious and useful components which are necessary for the child to life at present. On each can with dairy mix it is possible to meet codes. If there is code 1, then mix will suit children from the first days of life to 6 months. If there is figure 2, then mix give during the period from half a year. Of course, there are also universal mixes, then on them there will be a mark: from 0 to 12 months. Dairy mixes for kids to which more than 6 months are enriched with iron, a complex of vitamin and mineral substances. It will help to become the kid strong and it is correct to develop. When choosing mix for the kid it is worth remembering several simple rules: - mix has to correspond to age and the state of health of the child; - you should not buy too cheap product, otherwise there can be irreversible consequences; - before purchase it is worth addressing with the pediatrician, but not to trust councils of girlfriends or pharmacists. Correctly chosen dairy mix will help to avoid many problems with health and development of the kid.

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