What teeth at children are cut through most painfully

What teeth at children are cut through most painfully

Parents often worry about future teething at the kids. They try to find out what teeth can be cut through especially painfully, and try to be prepared for future event as much as possible.

What teeth hurt at eruption more?

Some children endure eruption of canines very painfully and also eruption happens to concern at emergence of the fours and five. Teeth, coming to light the keen edges, cut tissue of a gum of the kid and therefore the child begins to be capricious and has unpleasant feelings when the gum begins to bulk up. The teething at the child occurs depending on his genetic parameters and biological age.

It is worth knowing that when swelling a gum not only that place where tooth, and completely all mouth is cut can hurt the child. Tooth can appear within a month, and maybe in two months not appear even on the surface of a gum yet. All this specific features of your kid, and you should not be upset if at constantly inflamed gum and the increased salivation going more than a month the teeth did not appear.

The child up to three years has to have 20 teeth, and their eruption can happen differently therefore you should not find out what teeth were painfully cut through at other children.

The help at a teething

There is only a small group of children who transfer a teething absolutely without serious consequences, but after all many children in different degree suffer from pain which accompanies a teething. Month for two before emergence of the first tooth the child becomes whining, whimsical, it increases salivation, the appetite vanishes, the troubled sleep appears. It occurs because teeth are already cut in a gum, and in a mouth you can find a small swelling of that place where there is an eruption in the child.

At this time the kid has feelings of pain or a severe itch.

Suffering from pain, the child begins to behave and cry uneasily if he cannot be distracted and calmed games, in that case you can be helped by the special anesthetizing gels, they contain anti-inflammatory and antiseptic components. But such gel can use no more than three times a day therefore try to use it in very extreme cases. At appearance of an itch the child will try to chew everything that it is possible to thrust into a mouth therefore do not abuse the child for such behavior, and give it special toys teethers better. Surfaces of such toys have different roughnesses, and it helps the child to remove the developed itch.

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