What to be engaged in the decree, the kid in a womb so far in?

What to be engaged in the decree, the kid in a womb so far in?

Golden time! Your stomach was considerably rounded, you do not work any more because you expect a miracle. Now it is possible to sleep off, walk in the fresh air, to cook various tasty dishes. But it is worth to remember that to you it is necessary to be prepared properly for this short period for the birth of the kid because after the delivery you will have on it neither time, nor forces.

It is required to you

  • - crib
  • - baby carriage
  • - children's things
  • - computer
  • - changing table
  • - sanitary products
  • - bath
  • - children's laundry detergent


1. Do not trust prejudices and signs which urge to buy nothing from children's objects before the kid is not born! You have to prepare most well a living space for appearance of the new person there. After the birth of the kid, you will not be able to run on shops, choosing for him romper suit and baby's undershirts - you will have other cares. And here now that time when you can spend pleasantly and with benefit time, coming into children's shops and getting for it things. I would advise to make the list of necessary things. that by inexperience and on emotions not to buy superfluous. In advance buy a carriage, a bed, a changing table, diapers, things initially, a bath.

2. Wash children's powder all children's things. Iron them on both sides. Fold clothes in a case on a shelf osvobozhdnnny in advance, and bed linen lay a bed and a carriage. Everything has to have such state that there it was possible to put the kid at once, having left maternity hospital. Equip a changing table, nearby conveniently place sanitary products, do not forget to prepare on proximity a garbage can for pampers at once.

3. Surely in advance pump up from the Internet of children's songs and classical music to which you will allow to listen to the kid since the birth. Whenever possible, load it into phone or a musical cube which can be taken anywhere. You can make it only before childbirth because then you about it do not even remember.

4. Collect bags in maternity hospital. They have to be ready at you one week prior to estimated date of childbirth. Write the list to the husband that to do to it when you are in maternity hospital.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team