What to begin training of the child in foreign languages with

What to begin training of the child in foreign languages with

Modern parents became responsible. Today they pay huge attention to all-round development of the children: attend classes with kids who only just took the first steps, write down them in sports sections and train in English. And, perhaps, do correctly, scientists proved: the earlier the child gets acquainted with foreign languages, the his brain develops better and the training is more effective, more productive.

It also is clear: the structure of a brain at small children is plastic and thinking is adjusted in such a way that the baby absorbs any information as a sponge. Besides, if children of school age have all gained knowledge of phonetics, grammar, syntax of foreign language happens to participation only of the left hemisphere, then at kids takes part in work also right. As it is loaded with information, the hemisphere develops, and together with it - and creative abilities of the child.

So, you solved: it is time to teach the baby, say, to English. What to begin training with?

- You speak with it this language. It is the best, the most effective, a way of training as for children, and adults. It is clear, that this is assumed by excellent knowledge of language and good pronunciation. However elements – the simplest words – also you can give it.

- Include animated films in original language. As the essence of the events is clear to each of us and without words, the child begins to correlate the seen and heard (though absolutely unclear) subconsciously. - Listen to songs in foreign languages, discuss their sense, pronounce separate phrases and explain the translation. - Acquire several colourful books with fairy tales on foreign language. - Stock up with colourful cards with pictures, writing of the words designating them and a transcription. Such you can easily find in bookstores, in online stores or even to make. As the kid grows, his knowledge of the native language as he begins to understand the alphabet and difference between ""native"" and ""foreign language"" improves, complicate also training: you learn letters, in a foreign language and so forth - Write down writing of words the child on special classes: specialists teachers are a good judge of training and you, certainly, will not do without their help. Of course, we admit at once: in home schooling not everything will be smooth. Children on the fly grab new words, but in a minute forget them. From you a lot of patience – even will be required more than to teach to read and write the baby in the native language... Remind the child the forgotten word or a phrase it is so much times how many it will be required. Do not raise the voice at all! On the contrary, as often as possible you praise the child. And, of course, you remember that kids study by means of evident and figurative thinking and acquire information obtained during the game better. It, game, training has to be. Any coercion - differently classes will cause only negative reaction in the baby. If the child does not want to be engaged, do not insist or think up new, more interesting, a work form... Never reproach the child that he "is engaged not as it is necessary". You love him not for its progress, and for the fact that you have it – the cleverest and developed the child in the world!

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team