What to dad to play from 6 the summer daughter

What to dad to play from 6 the summer daughter

Play from 6 the summer daughter of dad can only if know how to do it. Games at this age can be divided into three groups: on development of logic and attention, on development of creativity and imagination, active outdoor games.

Development of logic and attention

At six-year age it is already possible to develop logic and attention, without spending at the same time a lot of money. For example, dad can use figures from the kinder surprises. They need to be constructed in a row and to offer the child attentively to look at them. Then he needs to turn away, and dad has to remove one of toys at this time. The task of the child consists in guessing of a toy which is not enough. In the course of the memory training a game can be complicated, for example, rearranging toys in places. It is right at the beginning better to use five toys, but over time it is worth bringing a game to use of twenty objects, especially if the child easily copes with the task set for it.

Dad, most likely, with ease will remember the game "tic-tac-toe" which can be engaged with children. This game very simple, however, is capable to develop memory and thinking at the child.

It is useful to play labyrinths where the child has to find the correct way. But in this case it needs most to find the right answer, dad should not drive on the correct road the handle or a finger, otherwise advantage will be much less.

Development of creativity and imagination

Creativity and imagination — very important qualities which will be useful in the future and will promote identification of new abilities of the child. One of options as fathers can help with it to the child, it is based on application of various objects. Everything is simple: dad sets to the child a simple subject, for example, an elastic band, and gives it a task — to think up methods of application of this subject, excepting its direct appointment. This real expanse for imagination! One more interesting game is in finishing drawing the picture. Dad should offer the child the image of not finished drawing subject. At first it is necessary to ask to call what the subject is then it can present its image, finish drawing the picture and paint it. It is possible to use different games with words. The task is in informing of sense of the word in various ways, for example, a pantomime, the verbal description, the drawing and so on. It is possible to think up cards with tasks that will make a game even more interesting. Such games will help to develop creative abilities and extraordinary thinking. Besides, it will teach the child to find unexpected solutions and to develop a lexicon. If dad wants, it is always possible to play dolls or even machines.

Active, cheerful games

For that category of fathers who have no such quality as assiduity there is the whole group of outdoor, active and cheerful games. It can be a hide-and-seek, a game of tag (if weather or scales of the dwelling allows), soccer or just games with a ball. It is possible to start with the baby ships or a kite, it is possible to organize the real show of soap bubbles, in the winter – to mold a snowman, in the summer – to construct the sand castle. Houses are too, than to be engaged – to collect the most difficult puzzle or the designer, will learn to mold from the salty test or even to do to the by hands the most real washed! In other words – with the 6-year-old daughter it is possible to play various games, the main thing - desire of the father.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team