What to do if at the newborn the eye suppurates

What to do if at the newborn the eye suppurates

Eye suppuration at the newborn - quite widespread problem which can frighten inexperienced mom. However in most cases unpleasant symptoms pass within several weeks if to exercise in hygiene of eyes of the kid judgment.

The reasons of emergence of pus in an eye of the newborn can be a little. To reveal them for certain, survey of the oculist can be required. However, if pus absolutely small amount is distinguished and the kid does not show any other signs of an indisposition, do not hurry to run to the doctor. For a start check whether simple hygiene standards are respected.

The newborn's eyes whenever possible have to remain in sterility. It means that there should not be a contact with not boiled water and any other liquids and the more so substances which can get to an eye - flour, pollen, sand, fibers from cotton wool and so on. Anyway the suppurating eye needs to be washed out. For this purpose it is necessary to take a dense cotton pad or a tampon (that it did not leave fibers, as usual cotton wool) and, having dipped it in antiseptic solution, to wash out them an eye of the baby in the direction from an outer edge to a nose. If pus is in both eyes, then use on one cotton pad on each eye - that is you should not wash out both eyes the same disk in order to avoid transmission of infection. For the same reason it is necessary to use every time a new, unused piece of cotton wool. Wash out eyes to the kid every time when pus is emitted. Also for prevention repeat this procedure in the morning and in the evening.

The main reasons for suppuration a peephole at newborns are an irritation because of instillation in eyes to the baby of albucid in maternity hospital; inflammation because of existence of bacteria; inflammation of a plaintive bag (dakriostenoz, or dakriotsistit).

Antiseptic solutions at suppuration of eyes at the kid

For washing the peephole to the newborn is used by the following solutions: - broth of a camomile pharmaceutical; - Miramistin's solution with boiled water in the ratio 1:1; - broth from tips of branches of an apple-tree of sweet grades; - broth of green tea; - Furacilin solution.

Furacilin solution preparation for washing a peephole of the baby

Furacilin is most available in the form of tablets. Therefore just take one tablet of Furacilin and dissolve it in half of glass of boiled water. Then filter that not dissolved crystals of a tablet did not get to the kid on mucous. Use only freshly cooked solution.

The tablet of Furacilin is badly dissolved in water therefore before putting it in water, pound it in powder, and then fill in with boiled water and let's cool down.

After washing a peephole 0.25% of solution of a levomitsetin are useful to drip. For this purpose delay a lower eyelid of the kid down and drip 1-2 drops of solution. If purulent allocations do not take place, make tests - dabs for definition of flora and sensitivity, and address the oculist. He has to make the diagnosis and to appoint the corresponding treatment.

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