What to do if the child coughs

What to do if the child coughs

Almost all parents perceive cough of the child as a problem which immediately should be eliminated. But it is absolutely vain: in most cases cough – not angrily, and the benefit. This process is necessary for an organism for disposal of slime which accumulates in the upper airways, and from the pathogenic microbes which are contained in it.

So, it is necessary to struggle only with "dry" cough at which it is almost not formed phlegms. Usually it torments the kids sick with laryngitis and tracheitises. In these cases it is expedient to apply the "Codeine", Glautsin and other medicines suppressing cough. It is possible to use also so-called folk remedies – inhalations steam, hot milk with honey and soda.

At acute respiratory diseases the cough usually begins as Sukhoi, but soon becomes "damp". As it was already told above, in similar cases it is better not to suppress it that the phlegm was removed from an organism. But if cough too dragged on, and the phlegm departs badly, usually appoint medicines mucolytics, that is diluting: "Bromhexine", "Ambroxol" and to them similar. But they cannot be used too long, otherwise cough can only amplify. It is also possible to apply means which improve office of a phlegm. It is, for example, Mukaltin, Pektusin, Likarin and others, all of them contain extracts of various plants.

If cough is caused by bronchitis or asthma, all above-mentioned means will not help. Doctors appoint spazmolitichesky means, for example, "Salbutamol". Also it is impossible to do grindings at bronchitis, to apply mustard plasters and banks, to glue burning plasters on a breast and a back, to accept antibiotics. Bronchitis is usually caused by viruses, and similar medicines do not act on them. It is better to use hot bathtubs with water of 39 degrees With to strengthen a blood-groove (but only at absence at the child of the increased temperature). At the cough caused by pneumonia, on the contrary not to do without antibiotics. Do not select antitussive independently at all. First of all it is necessary to find out the reason which caused this cough. And only the doctor can make it. He will also appoint the correct scheme of treatment.

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