Whether it is possible to dye hair when breastfeeding

Whether it is possible to dye hair when breastfeeding

There is no such woman who would not like to look perfectly and to be sure. In particular it concerns young mothers who gave birth to the child and endure a stress. One of questions – whether it is possible to dye hair during feeding by a breast?

Whether coloring is combined with feeding

The hair coloring – the clear and simple procedure, however at breastfeeding result of coloring can be far from expected, and it is all about change of a hormonal background.

To avoid similar incidents, it is necessary to tell the specialist of beauty shop (or to the selling assistant in shop) that there is a child who is nursed. The qualified specialist will be able to consider this moment during the choice of paint for coloring.

It is also possible to find the special paint created for nursing mothers in shops. But even in that case it is necessary to study attentively structure and to consult with the expert.

As paint affects hair and skin when feeding

Sometimes feeding by a breast is followed by the raised hair loss, and then coloring will only aggravate a situation. Also can lead coloring at which paint with ammonia and peroxide of hydrogen is used to a hair loss.

Head skin negatively reacts to a lack of hair therefore hair become oily and dry, dandruff and an allergy develops. In certain cases they can be splitting and fragile. Coloring will only aggravate situation.

Coloring – exposure of myths is how dangerous

  • Coloring "kills" hair. As well as it was told above, it depends more on structure and quality of means for a hair coloring.
  • Inhalation of paint is harmful. It is right, in 30 minutes the chemicals emitted by dye will get to blood and breast milk. Toxins can lead to an allergy or poisoning of the child. Therefore it is important to use safe structures or to decant milk right after a hair coloring.
  • If on skin there are open wounds, coloring is contraindicated.
  • Because at the nursing mother the hormonal background changes, color as a result can be another or to be non-uniform.
  • At the feeding woman the immunity weakens therefore even habitual means are capable to become the cause of an allergy.

It is necessary to consider that there are bezammiachny paints, they are produced without ammonia and other harmful components that reduces risk of allergic reaction. In addition, structures do not distinguish smells and have salutary effect. Special oils and the whole list of vitamins are responsible for it. 

Instead of the conclusion

In conclusion it is possible to draw two main conclusions:

  • really quality paint has no untoward influence on hair and structure of milk therefore such coloring is admissible.
  • it is strictly forbidden to be decanted right after coloring. Several hours are better to wait, and already then to feed the child.

Thus, it is possible to call a talk of grandmothers and mothers that milk anyway will be spoiled in modern conditions the myth.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team