Whether it is possible to have natural coffee of the pregnant woman

Whether it is possible to have natural coffee of the pregnant woman

Natural coffee – the great drink increasing mood, invigorating, killing pains at the cellular level, reducing the risk of development of cancer, diabetes, Alzheimer's disease, arthritises and a heart attack improving the general health. Besides, it is very tasty. But women who are true fans of this wonderful drink quite often ask a question: it is useful at pregnancy? Whether it will influence somehow development of the kid? It turns out that pregnant women can have natural coffee, but no more than 3 cups.

According to a research of scientists from Denmark in which 1207 pregnant women participated 1 - 3 cups of rather weak natural coffee a day will not affect health of future mom and her kid in any way. They, on the contrary, will even promote improvement of health and a raising of mood of the pregnant woman. And here excess of this quantity can lead to very sad consequences.

Why it is impossible to have coffee at pregnancy

Everything is very simple. Coffee has exciting properties. Therefore it can negatively affect mood, a dream, work of internals of future mummy, her nervous system and a fruit and also to increase arterial blood pressure. This drink is capable to lose the newborn's weight approximately on 100 – 200 grams and even to increase risk of his death to the birth. Besides, it has diuretic properties at the expense of what can lead to dehydration of an organism of future mummy that, naturally, is very harmful to the kid.

Its ability to bring the major minerals, such as, for example, iron, phosphorus and potassium out of an organism, and not to allow them to be acquired is considered one more minus of the consumption of coffee. As a result to the child who is in a tummy very few substances, important for it, arrive that can lead to development at it of rickets and other diseases. Women to whom the diagnosis "gestosis" was made should refuse coffee in general. As it can aggravate their situation only. It is not recommended to take this drink and to hypertensive persons, it is very dangerous to them. As can lead to a gestosis and, respectively, to an abortion.

Natural coffee with milk – whether can drink it to future mothers?

This drink if you dilute it with cream or genuine milk, of course, will be not such strong. Therefore, harm from it will be less. However it is better not to exceed the established norm in 3 cups. Let you will drink this drink less, but will secure yourself and the kid against possible problems.

With what drinks it is possible to replace natural coffee

You will tell green or black tea, and will be wrong. Because it, as well as in coffee, contains caffeine. It is for the same reason better to refuse kofezamenyayushchy drinks, for example, such as cocoa. The best choice for future mothers are various berry fruit drinks, juice from vegetables and fruit, compotes, usual drinking water. Take care also the kid, help it to be born healthy and strong!

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team