Why people are disappointed in god

Why people are disappointed in god

The faith in God for many people is an important part of their life. She supports during difficult moments, gives hope, helps not to despair. At the same time, there will be much also those who were disappointed in God and cannot any more and does not want to trust Him.

To understand why many people depart from God, it is necessary to answer at first other question – why people in general come to belief? For someone this sincere aspiration of soul, very clear feeling that the Creator really exists and life without It it is simply inconceivable. To live without God – all the same what to live without the Sun or without air.

But there are also those who came to God from other reasons. For some it is just a craze, for others – hope that thanks to God it will be possible to improve the things. It is no secret that the faith in the Creator becomes the most demanded during the periods of vital shocks and tests. At such moments it can endure the strongest blossoming – or full decline.

What people expect from belief

It is very important to understand what the person expects from belief. Unfortunately, for many people the belief is exclusively consumer – they hope that prayers to God will bring them some benefits. And when it becomes clear once that prayers do not bring the expected effect, the strong disappointment appears. Of course, not everyone praying asks about receiving some material benefits. Very many sincerely pray for health of the relatives, ask to help with family life. These are really clean requests which do not have any relation to self-interest. But and they in many cases are left without answer that forces people to be undeceived if not in omnipotence of God, then at least in his desire to help.

Why prayers in many cases do not yield result

Statement of question in this case is not absolutely correct, the prayer cannot be considered as a way of achievement of a certain result. Nevertheless, it is set rather often. To understand why any prayers are not executed, it is necessary to understand an essence of communication of the person and God. According to canons of many traditional religions, the task of the person is in coming to God, to reestablish the communication lost with Him. Any tests on a course of life promote restoration of this communication. The most difficult for the person – to trust in God, not to renounce Him even in the most difficult situations. Typical situation: there is a sincere prayer about health of the person, and he dies. Why so occurred, really God did not hear prayers? For the believing person there are no doubts that prayers were heard, but were not executed. Why? In some situations it can try to be understood, in some just it is necessary to believe God – that it was so necessary that the incident had to occur. Also it is necessary to consider that not always execution of prayers would be useful to the person. Knowing it, God leaves such prayers without answer. At such moments the faith of the person in God is also shown – it is necessary to accept result, to reconcile to it even if it appears very difficult.

How not to be disappointed in God

Very strong indestructible belief is for this purpose necessary. The belief that God is always right what He knows how for the person it will be better. It is impossible to accuse God that He did not give something, did not save someone, did not comply with any request. The ability to reconcile distinguishes truly believing person. Ability to thank even in that situation when to thank, it seems, there is nothing. There is also one more important point. In Christianity it is far not accidentally said about what is given to people on their belief. And it is correct to trust very difficult, as well as it is correct to pray. During a prayer it is impossible to test also shadows of doubt about the fact that the prayer will be executed. It is necessary to pray with feeling of gratitude that you are heard that God knows about all your burdens and surely will help. At the correct prayer there is no feeling of despair – opposite, confidence that God hears you that your prayers will not be left without answer appears. Then it is necessary to accept result whatever it was with humility.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team