Why the sleep at the baby is interrupted

Why the sleep at the baby is interrupted

Sound long sleep is a guarantee of health, good health and working capacity. And it concerns not only adults, but also babies. Often parents complain that children regularly wake up in a dream, shudder or scream. What it is necessary to pay attention to distinguish: all normal or are some violations.

The dream of the person consists of 5 phases:

- the first - a phase of a slow dream, that is a somnolence;

- the second - a falling asleep phase, during this period slows down heartbeat, muscles relax;

- the third - deepening in a dream, breath becomes deeper and equal;

- the fourth phase - a sound deep sleep, it is almost impossible to wake the person at this time. During this period there is a recuperation and energy.

- the fifth phase - the period of a REM sleep. At this time people see bright dreams, then it is the simplest to wake the person, and the irritant can be the most usual: chair scratch, cotton door, too sharp sound and so on. Then again there comes the first phase.

At the adult all five phases last approximately an hour and a half, and the child has no more than an hour therefore children wake up more often. The fifth period at kids is about a half of all dream therefore babies sensitively sleep and often wake up. It is physiological norm, but not a sleep disorder at the baby, over time he it will outgrow.

To worry it is necessary to begin if the child wakes up without the visible reasons two-three times in a night, cannot long fall asleep, is capricious, refuses food and a pacifier. Such children and during wakefulness are inclined to drowsiness and very uneasy.

Why it arises? Here it is all about behavior of parents when process of falling asleep is connected with any factor: feeding, laying on hands, lullabies, etc. That is after rocking the child on hands moreover and from a lullaby, the kid shift in a bed, hardly after that he will sleep tight and carefree. Most likely, in 15-20 minutes the child will wake up and will demand a small bottle, a song or something else. After return from maternity hospital, it is desirable to accustom the child to fill up in the bed, it is possible to include a lullaby in records.

Violation of the mode can also cause children's insomnia: for example, the child too long slept in a lunch dream and in the evening when it is time to go to a bed, he is full of strength also energy. Naturally, it is difficult for it to fall asleep. What to do in that case? To try to stack the child in the afternoon in earlier time, to leave it alone with someone from parents in the evening, having removed other family members from the children's room.

Also the reason of lack of a dream the baby can have some painful feelings: gripes, the cutting-through teeth, sick ears, small cold, etc. in this case the child it is necessary to show to the pediatrician.

If the sleep disorder got a chronic form from the child, then he needs to be examined to exclude life-threatening frustration and diseases.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team