"Wrong" words of parents

"Wrong" words of parents

Often parents warn the children against any wrong, according to them, acts or actions. However in a similar talk they quite often operate not with absolutely suitable words. We bring to your attention several "familiar expressions" of parents which do not bear in themselves advantage for the child.


1. "Do not drink water, and that throat will ache". The throat, actually, hurts not from ice water, and from unexpressed thoughts and emotions. Paradoxically, but it is the fact – if not to shut to the child a mouth when he speaks, cries or shouts and also not to abuse it for emotions, words and ways of their expression, then and the throat will not hurt.

2. "Have not a good time with food". Children are not able to be played or play about at small age at all. They thus learn the world and properties of objects. Food – not an exception.

3. "Do not look so close – you could go blind / you will put sight". What means will break or will put? It is possible to break a thing, and it is possible to put something on a sofa, for example. The sight can worsen, and it worsens because of unpleasant associations with the future. For example, when parents speak "will grow up – learn", or "will grow up – will understand how it is heavy to earn/live". Besides, the person becomes short-sighted when to him forbid to see details. Children like to consider, touch and distinguish all things including those which are on the street. It happens when adults pull children, run over them and demand not to be picked here, here, there …

4. "Stop raging/playing about/playing the fool". Why not? When still to play the fool to the child how not in the happy childhood? If in the cloudless childhood it does not nadurachitsya properly, then in adulthood the serious, successful and family person will have constant desire to stay the clown that will look very strange for people around.

5. "How it is not a shame to you?!" It is very bad and fraught to hang up on the child sense of guilt and shame. Adults got used to dump responsibility for themselves, for the state, for the methods of education of the child on children, and the child as a result lives with fault cargo, is ill, becomes embittered and unfortunate.

6. "Stop roaring!". It is all the same what to tell "Stop to clean the soul, leave the internal pain in yourself and live further". Nevyplakanny pain will be saved and do the child is even more stale and is more severe.

7. "You will fall – it will be sick". If constantly to speak to the child about it, then so it also will be. These words are not caution for the child, they are the facts which work for the child as programs to action. Instead of similar phrases it is necessary to help the child to try where he still did not try himself, to give him a hand and to give support. Instill confidence in forces and abilities in the child.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team