Your kid: the first month of life

Your kid: the first month of life

Mothers best of all know that it is necessary for their child, they I feel the child when it in a womb. At the child's birth the intuition increases. Mother's heart - the faithful assistant in education of her child.

You endured the first weeks of motherhood! Life did not get better yet (and it is still far from it!), but , fortunately, all returns to the normal. At this time normally to test some tearfulness, but if in tears there passes the most part of day, or frightening thoughts come to your mind, it is worth seeing a doctor to exclude development of a postnatal depression. The earlier you will cope with it, the better. 

  • Children very much love that they touched them, and does not matter that is told by your mother-in-law. You cannot spoil the child, holding him on hands "all the time". If to take the child on hands – the only way to calm him, take it on hands. Better even if you place the child in a baby sling or any other carrying, and you will be able to remake a heap of chores. And at the same time the child will feel mother's heart, mother's heat and breath nearby. 
  • But you remember: you do not do much harm to the child at all if you allow it to complain a little in a sun bed or a bed while you at last take a shower. The kid all life will not suffer, feeling thrown if your hair already stand on end and demand an immediate washing. Really. Go and take a shower. 
  • If you nurse, all is already not so difficult as in the first days in maternity hospital. If you in despair also consider minutes until the end of feeding, all tried and re-read "all Internet", but to you it is all the same sick and bad, remember: your child neither emotionally, nor intellectually, nor physically will not be defective if you transfer him to mix. Your purse, of course, thank you will not tell so provide such expenses in advance.
  • Hi to you, lack of a dream! Children at this age sleep normal from 16 to 24 hours (yes!), but they need to eat each 2–3 hours. So in the nearest future your night sleep will longer not last these periods. Get used to eat with one hand and tell for a while "very so far" to those to days when you enjoyed, we heat tea, hot soup and in general, all we heat.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team