As in Google to save bookmarks

As in Google to save bookmarks

GoogleChrome is the browser developed by the known company Google on the basis of the free Chromium browser (made on the WebKit engine). The browser quickly won popularity among users thanks to the speed of work and safety and also tight integration with Google services.


1. For a start let's sort the scheme of adding - removal of bookmarks. For adding in bookmarks of the website it is necessary to click an asterisk. The small pop-up window in which to you will suggest to select the folder for saving and a bookmark name will appear. After completion of setup click "Is ready". For removal of a bookmark come into Settings (wrench) – Bookmarks – the Manager of bookmarks. Select the necessary bookmark, open a context menu and click "Delete". Or select a bookmark in the bookmarks bar, right-click and select the Delete item.

2. There are two ways of saving bookmarks: export to HTML - the file or online - synchronization with a Google service. For the first way do the following actions: open Settings – Bookmarks – the Manager of bookmarks. Select the Arrange item and click "Export bookmarks to the HTML file". Select the place for saving HTML - the file and click "Save". After reinstallation of a system you come in the Manager of bookmarks and instead of export select import and specify the place where there is a HTML file. Bookmarks are imported to GoogleChrome and will have the same appearance, as well as when saving.

3. The Google company entered the second way quite recently. It is very convenient and works in the hidden mode, i.e. you should not include every time it to save bookmarks. At the first start, on the homepage of the browser the inscription "Not Logged in to Chrome" will appear. Click an inscription, then the page with a form in which you will be asked to enter the login (the mailbox address in a Google service) and the password from it will open.

4. After data entry press "Enter". Everything, now all bookmarks, history, passwords and other data, will be synchronized with your Google account. Right after reinstallation of a system install the browser, become authorized, and all data which were synchronized last time will download in the browser. What this to synchronize, it is possible to select in settings, on the Personal tab and having pressed In the addition button. Pleasant use!

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team