How to block messages from the websites

How to block messages from the websites

All are irritated by the windows emerging on the Internet, the blinking messages which guarantee that you "won" free electronic devices or even millions of dollars. Many of them direct to fraudulent websites which can be infected with viruses. Fortunately, there are special plug-ins which allow to block these threats in the browser.


1. Define what web browser you use. Firefox, Internet Explorer and Google Chrome are the most popular. Find out what at you is installed the application version, for example, by Firefox 3.0 or Internet Explorer 8. It is the best of all to update the browser to the latest version as it practically guarantees full compatibility with the toolbars and plug-ins which block pop-up windows and messages.

2. Select the toolbars, available for downloading, or plug-ins which work with your browser. For example, the toolbar from Google is the free utility which also works with Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox. It allows to block pop-up messages, also offering the convenient Google PageRank tool in order that users could enter the dangerous websites to base. Besides, you can try independent and the free software for Mozilla Firefox under the name STOPzilla which is supported also by other browsers. This idle time and a convenient plug-in effectively blocks all pop-up without the knowledge of the page and the message, warning about possible threats.

3. Download and install the toolbar or another necessary program providing. This process is very simple and will take only several minutes.

4. Reboot. Make sure that the installed panel is displayed in the top part of the browser now and works properly. Then pass to any website which contains pop-up windows to check it. If the software works not really well, delete it and try another.

5. Check your mailbox. Make sure that at you function of protection against spam is included, and the possibility of obtaining unnecessary and useless messages is excluded. Many websites when clicking their address are automatically subscribed visitors to the advertizing letters coming by mail. Unsubscribe from them in settings of incoming messages.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team