How to change a nickname of other person in Skype

How to change a nickname of other person in Skype

Skype - the convenient program which allows two people who are sometimes for thousands of kilometers from each other to communicate as if they sat in one room. At the same time each person using this program is registered in it under a special name - a nickname.

Skype represents the program by means of which users can install among themselves a session of text, voice or video conference.

Creation of a nickname

To have an opportunity to use this program, it needs to be installed on the computer and to register. During registration the program will suggest you to select a nickname, that is some conditional name with which you will be identified by other users.

The choice of a nickname entirely depends on the user. At the same time during creation of a nickname the people can be guided by different motives which, in turn, ordinary substantially depend on the primary purposes of use of the program. So, for example, the one who plans to use it generally for work usually selects the nickname consisting of a name and a surname or their derivatives that it was simpler to business partners to identify the interlocutor. If the program is used generally for communication with real or virtual friends, the nickname can reflect hobbies of the user or represent a name of any character with which he associates himself.


Change of a nickname

In certain cases the situation can develop so that the nickname selected for itself by the person is not absolutely convenient for his interlocutors. For example, it can happen if your vis-a-vis had to use the nickname intended for communication with friends on interests in the working purposes. If you, for example, got used to communicate with the people entering in Skype the presents the name and a surname you can have difficulties with its identification.

In this case it is not obligatory at all to ask the interlocutor to take any actions: you can change its nickname independently so for you it will be displayed under the selected name. For this purpose in the contact list appearing in the left column when opening the Skype program select that which you want to change, and right-click on it.

Such action will cause emergence of the menu in which you need to select the Rename item. Then enter a new name with which it will be convenient to you to identify this interlocutor. Pay attention that for creation of a new nickname you can use both the Cyrillic, and Latin characters. Having printed a new nickname, key "Enter" or just left-click out of the selected field, thereby having completed renaming process. At the same time you can not be afraid of reaction of the interlocutor: the new name will be seen only by you.

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