How to change an avatar in Skype

How to change an avatar in Skype

The Skype program allows to communicate in real time and also to make video calls to every spot on the globe if your interlocutor is also a user of "Skype".


1. To change your avatar in the Skype program, first of all, it is necessary to open the program. In a window of authorization enter your login and the password. Thus you will log in to your account in the program, and before you the page with personal data will open.

2. In the left top part of a window click Skype. In the opened list select the second menu item – "Personal data". After that on the right the tab with three commands will appear. Left-click on the first of them – "Change my avatar".

3. Also instead of the Change My Avatar function, you can choose the last command – "Edit My Data". In the opened window you will see your current avatar. Click the Replace an Avatar command which is under your photo.

4. Define whether you want to take the picture at present and to select it as a new avatar in Skype or you prefer to load already available photo or the picture.

5. In the first case in the opened window of replacement of an avatar look at video in the right part of the page. Select an optimum foreshortening for your photo. When the image is pleasant to you, click "Make the Picture" in the lower part of a window. If the turned-out photo suits you and you want to make it your new avatar in Skype, click with the left mouse button the Use This Image button.

6. If you want to install in the program the photo or the picture from memory of your computer, press the Browse button and select the image for installation in quality of an avatar. Then click the Use This Image command.

7. If you do not like the photo taken with the webcam or you by mistake loaded not that photo, instead of the Use This Image button, click the Try Once Again command. After that make a new photo or select other picture from your computer.

8. After that your avatar will be changed, and the selected photo or the picture will be set as your new image in Skype. Your interlocutors will be able to see this avatar at correspondence with you, and users who want to add you as a friend will see it by search of new contacts. That your potential friends according to the Skype program could be sure that they found you, you can install the personal information. If you do not want you to be found by acquaintances, can select any other image as an avatar.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team