How to check uniqueness of the text online

How to check uniqueness of the text online

On the Internet every day there are millions of articles, but in order that search engines found the text and correctly gave it on requests of visitors, it should be unique. For check of uniqueness there are several ways.


1. Unique and interesting texts attract audience to the website, do the website more visited and help it to appear on high positions in extradition of searchers. Therefore it is so important to fill the website with unique articles, and about full copying from other resources it is better to forget. If you did any description for goods or an event, most likely, it will be completely unique. But even in this case it is better to check it. Especially it is worth making it if the text for the website is bought at any exchange or it is ordered from the copywriter. Nonunique options come across on sale seldom, but nevertheless the excess vigilance will not damage.

2. It is the best of all to check the text for uniqueness by means of well proved services. One of such popular systems for check is Advego Plagiatus. Use it on the website it will not turn out, it is necessary to download the program though it works always online. The principle of work of Advego Plagiatus is quite simple: article is transferred to a window of the program, "Check Uniqueness" is clicked then on the Internet of Advego looks for compliances.

3. The uniqueness of the text of Advego Plagiatus shows in percentage, highlighting with nonunique areas in yellow color. The indicator is measured by from 0 to 100%. Preferable value of check is any percent in an interval from 85 to 100%. If the description contains the offers matching other sources it is necessary to rewrite them, and then to again check the document. In the program it is possible to configure a step, so-called shingl through which phrases and phrases will be checked for coincidence to other sources. Under a window of check it is possible to see the websites on which the program found nonunique offers from your text.

4. Similar service is called Here deeper and exact system of check, than at Advego Plagiatus is noticeable. Many copywriters use this system recently. The program will give nonunique areas and will underline them for the user. Also that the program does not need to be downloaded all check it is easy to carry out its advantages online. Shortcomings of this system it is possible to call big congestion of the website during the working day and a long queue in which long it is necessary to wait for verification of articles.

5. There are many other similar programs, for example, of eTXT.tu, Content-watch. They are used with big regularity too, and the principle of work of such services is similar to other check programs. There is also one more easy way to check uniqueness of the text online – to take one offer from a source and to kill him into a line of the searcher. If there is full coincidence of this offer, the text is not unique. However such way of check is not always exact and is suitable best of all for literary works as commercial articles need to be checked entirely.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team